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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Top 3 Med Yacht Charter Discounts

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Aerial photograph of a catamaran sailboat underway.  The sails are full.  The yacht is white, and the deck is light wood. The yacht is headed toward the lower left side of the photograph.

World’s End catamaran

With a glut of yachts available for hire in the Med this summer, owners are keen to secure last minute reservations, even if it means offering a significant discount.

Here are this week’s three HOTTEST luxury yacht charter specials:

43 meter motor yacht HANA   –   for charter taking place between July 26 and August 9, the rate will drop from € 150,000 per week to € 135,000 per week.  Charters must commence in the Naples, Corsica area and can conclude in the South of France. Accommodations for 10 to 11 guests.

50 meter LADY ANN MAGEE – rate reduction from € 200,000 per week to € 160,000 per week for any charters taking place in July or August.  Book for 10 nights and receive an instant rebate of €10,000.

20 meter luxury sailboat catamaran WORLD’S END – 15% rate reduction during the following dates:   August 8-19; August 27 – September 14.  Was € 24,000/wk, now € 20,400/wk

All rates are plus running expenses – items such as food, fuel, bar, and dockage.


For additional summer specials, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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Top 3 World’s Best Yachting Airlines

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Photograph of a man sitting in an office onboard an airplane. Advertising the airplane's first class section of the plane.

Singapore Airlines First Class


Even in the midst of global economic turmoil, the total number of airline passengers on international flights continues to rise – increasing every as of April, 2012 as compared to 2011 (according to the International Air Transport Association).Industry analysts predict global air traffic will continue to rise by 5% each year over the next 20 years.



With more people choosing vacations in emerging superyacht destinations like Abu Dhabi and Southeast Asia, there are some airlines that have a distinctive edge when it comes to offering premium customer service.



In the same way we analyze a new luxury yacht charter vessel, our destination experts put their heads together to come up with their favorite international airlines.  Based on check-in and boarding procedures, seat comfort, cleanliness, food and beverages, and staff service, here are their top three selections:


The increasing popularity of Eastern Mediterranean yacht charters means more boating enthusiasts will have a chance to enjoy the best premium economy seats of any European carrier.


An aggressive marketing campaign featuring actors and superstar athletes helped.  For instance, the NBA’s Kobe Byrant, the Manchester United soccer team, and actor Kevin Costner.  These celebrities increased passenger numbers by 20 % in the first six months of 2012.


With flights from both the east and west cost of the United States, Singapore Airlines serves as the gateway for Americans on their way to yachting vacations in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.  The carrier earns top points when it comes to the best economy class and best economy class catering.


The first-class cabin is breathtaking.  The airline offers seats that recline into nearly 7 foot long flatbeds with a built-in massage.  The seats feature the same leather upholstery found in Ferrari interiors. Passengers in first and business class also enjoy complimentary chauffeur service in more than a dozen cities across the globe.



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Will Yacht Sale Derail Yacht Charter?

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Aerial photograph of the back of a motoryacht. There is a "For Sale" sign on the back of the boat. Under the words, For Sale, it reads, Call My Broker. The sign is red with white letters. The words, call my broker, are in black.

Can sale of yacht affect vacation?



Did you know?  Your fully-executed yacht charter agreement is not guaranteed.  It’s not guaranteed that your yacht will be delivered to your desired port of embarkation on the start date of your vacation.  Many charterers understand about mechanical problems or acts of nature, like hurricanes. These things can force the cancellation or the delay of a planned yachting holiday.  Few realize the sale of the yacht can also result in a cancelled charter.  Unfortunately, there is minimal recourse for the customer.


This is similar to many segments of the receding global economy.  Sales of the largest yachts are in a major slump.  Financial woes push increasing numbers of yacht owners to put their vessels up for sale. The result is a glut of yachts for sale with prices dropping each month.



“The fact that owners are actively marketing their yachts for sale, means charter clients must be keenly aware of whether or not their chosen yacht for their vacation is for sale,” states Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters and The SailAway Group.  “Most charter  contracts have an escape clause for owners if they sell their yachts before the charter. Of course funds  are returned to the customer, but there is no guarantee a suitable replacement yacht can be provided for the same price and the same desired charter dates.”



To hedge the odds in favor of the charterer, Sheeder and her team try to promote newer-model yachts to their prospective clients. “Statically, owners will want to enjoy their new yachts for a year or two before considering their sale.  We try to take advantage of this situation and promote newer yachts to our clients, to minimize the exposure to the potential sale of a yacht.”



Sheeder encourages charterers to ask their charter brokers about the sales status of any yacht that  they consider renting. Ideally, they should seek a yacht that is not listed for sale.  Says Sheeder, “If considering a yacht that is for sale, ask your broker for an analysis of how actively the owner is trying to sell, and see if there have been numerous or recent price reductions.  Try to avoid any charter yacht that is actively for sale – or you could end up high and dry for your vacation.”



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