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Active couples and families love crewed catamaran charters

Catamaran charters typically carry many watersports toys for guests to enjoy

Crewed catamaran charters are a wonderful vacation for active and adventurous travelers.

Most catamarans feature a large assortment of water toys; including sea kayaks, towable tubes, snorkel gear, fishing gear, towable bananas, hamster balls (clear ball for walking on water), trampolines (that sit on the water), SeaDoos, paddleboards, and skurfers, to name a few.  They also feature beach games, where you can enjoy picnics on the beach and have fun playing games on the sand.

Many catamarans also offer SCUBA for certified divers, and if guests aren’t certified but want to try it, they can take a resort course from the yacht, as well!

Bahamas yacht charters on catamarans are often frequented by swimming pigs that live on the southernmost beach of Big Major Cay, affectionately called "Pig Beach."  The pigs swim out to the boats, and you can also swim with the friendly porkers! 


To book your active sailing charter and swim with the Bahamian pigs on a crewed catamaran, contact SailAway here.

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