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BEWARE – Illegal Air Charters Are On The Rise


Many luxury yacht charter guests arrive at their yachting destination via private air charter.   Now, imagine showing up at your local FBO to board your plane. Consequently, only to find there is no crew or jet waiting for you.  Sadly, fraudulent air charter scams are on the rise.  Fortunately, there is now a free resource to help you avoid what could be a miserable start to your Superyacht Experience™.



The business aviation industry has just published a free online guide.  Without a doubt, it helps protect travelers new to air charter. The General Aviation Dry Leasing Guide outlines the laws and regulations related to the leasing of private aircraft.  Moreover, this guide keeps unsuspecting charterers from scams by illegal charter operators.


Photograph of a private jet with a red ferrari next to it. The jet is on the tarmac. The jet door is open, and the stairs are deployed. 2 men are walking up to the jet.



Ryan Waguespack is Senior Vice President. Specifically, of the National Air Transportation Association.  Importantly, he addressed the problem in a recent interview with Robb Report. He said,

“As the holidays approach, travelers are turning to private aviation for its enhanced cleaning protocols and limited exposure to unknowns. It’s vital that these newcomers aren’t placing themselves or their assets at risk from illegal charter activity.”



Many of the scams seem to emanate from Europe.  Scam artists create websites that advertise aircraft available for rent.  Further, with legitimate tail numbers. Unfortunately, after the clients have paid, the websites disappear.  Clients have no flight – and no money.  Obviously, to make matters worse, there is no hope of a refund.


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Subsequently, similar scams are taking place here in the USA.  Some charter operators are using aircraft with no FAA Part 135 certification.  What is the certification?  The FAA requires certification to demonstrate that the aircraft and the crew have met stringent safety standards.  Furthermore, legitimate charter operators must have higher levels of insurance coverage.  According to Waguespack. “Operators chartering aircraft illegally may have insurance policies that are not sufficient to cover commercial activities. In the event of an accident, passengers may find their own corporate and estate assets at risk.”



The guide is by trusted air industry associations.  Specifically, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). In addition, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA).  Obviously, both contributed to the guide.



To sum up, let our team help you navigate. In specific, the intricacies of selecting the right size and type of aircraft to whisk you to your yacht.  Handling the little details before your luxury yacht charter is what we do best.   Without a doubt, we take care of YOU.  It’s how we Deliver The Superyacht Experience™ to our clients.  Put our team to work for you!  Call 305-720-7245, email, or contact us through our online information form at

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