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Can Solar Power Revolutionize the Yacht Charter Industry?

World's Largest Solar Powered Yacht Circumnavigates the Globe
The largest solar-powered boat in the world, MS TÛRANOR, just arrived in Miami, FL, our hometown.
As I gaze at the deck of MS TÛRANOR, covered in solar panels, I wonder how and if the yacht charter industry will embrace solar powered luxury yachts.
On a round-the-globe expedition, the MS TÛRANOR, also know as yacht PLANETSOLAR is a pioneer for sustainable energy technology on water. Unlike any current luxury mega yacht charter vessel,  Catamaran PLANETSOLAR is a 31-meter multlihull topped by a large array of photovoltaic solar panels. Built in 14 months, the biggest solar boat ever built has impressive dimensions and is yet both silent and clean.
Imagine a charter in the sunny Mediterranean, cruising from port to port without burning expensive fuels and oils.
Rather than hearing the constant drone of the engines, and the occasional nauseous odors of diesel fuel, you  slide along like a sailboat – propelled by pollution-free electrical engines.
Eliminating fossil fuel will greatly reduce carbon dioxide CO2 emissions – an important step for an industry that needs to project a greater commitment to protecting our oceans and environment.
The solar catamaran PLANETSOLAR employs the leading-edge technology available on the market. The intention is to demonstrate that by innovative use of existing materials and technology, high-performance solar mobility can be realized today.
Are we witnessing a new era in sustainable energy technology on the seas?

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  • Mark Rinker

    I believe we are at the tip of the solar iceburg…most boats spend alot of their time sitting in the sun, waiting to be used for a few hours at a time. Great candidates for solar powered cruising of all forms. We’ll have to curb our ‘need for speed’ in many cases, I suspect…


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