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Company Hopes Yacht Designers Will Turn to Sustainable Bamboo

Lamboo Inc. hopes yacht designers start using sustainable bamboo onboard mega yachts

Back in March, we took a look at a new, eco-friendly superyacht decor made of salmon skin.  Now comes word of a new product line of sustainable bamboo for interior design projects on superyachts, crewed sailing yacht charter vessels, even cruise ships.

Salmon skin furnishings on mega yachts

Lamboo, Inc. has released this new product line in the hopes the yachting industry’s premier designers like Dubois Naval Architects and others will incorporate the sustainable material into their work.
The "Elite" product series by Lamboo includes engineered bamboo panels and veneers fabricated specifically for the marine industry. These products offer a sustainable alternative to woods currently used in yacht designs, plus superior weathering properties and resistance to fire.  Lamboo Elite panels can be stained or dyed to match most colors and can be coated in matte and high gloss finishes. 
No special equipment or tools are needed, as the panels can be sanded and cut using conventional woodworking equipment.  This ease of use should convince designers to switch to sustainable bamboo since there is little to no cost to integrate this material into the product fabrication process.
Lamboo Elite products also boast anti-microbial and moisture resistant attributes, making them ideal in high use environments such as luxury sailing charter vessels, megayachts and cruise ships.
Three cheers to Lamboo, Inc. and similar companies who continue to lead the way to a greener future in the yachting industry.


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