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Designer Touts New Generation of Green Superyachts

Green star awards for eco-friendly super yachts
The push for sustainability in the yacht industry continues.

Recently, we profiled  the use of eco-friendly salmon skin upholstery in superyacht interiors, as well as the first self-sufficient zero carbon vessel.

Now comes word a design studio is crafting the next generation of hybrid propulsion green luxury yacht charter super yachts.

Touting increased energy efficiecy and lower noise and CO2 emissions, Guido de Groot Design and Intec Marine are proposing two revolutionary concepts for propulsion.  The Intec Marine hybrid propulsion concept makes use of the an electric propulsion setup powered by two generators. An additional smaller generator is installed for calm water/harbor conditions or at anchor.

Guido de Groot Design for yacht charters

Take for example a Monaco Grand Prix yacht, rented to be dockside for the race, then out for day cruising along the Côte d’Azur.  At cruising speed, one generator is able to generate power for the two propulsion pods and the load of the interior (cabin lights, televisions, galley, etc.). This results in very low noise levels, estimated at 35 dBA.

Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter ... Cannes Film Festival special event yacht

Cruising the yacht out of the marina at 6 knots can be done using the batteries. The second generator is in place for redundancy purposes and needs to be started for the yacht to reach maximum speed. When at anchor, the smaller, third generator is used.

According to the designers, when compared to a conventional setup with three diesel engines continuously running  (two for propulsion and one for interior load), a 30% reduction of use in energy can be achieved. 

Yachts featuring Intec Marine hybrid propulsion will have a RINA marine green star design certificate for environmental excellence.

RINA Green Star Award


Is the yachting industry keeping pace with other transportation manufacturers, like the automotive industry?  What do you think?  Share your comments with us

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