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Destination Caribbean: Where is Grand Bahama?

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Recently, a customer asked, “Where is St Thomas?” We answered the question in our blog, entitled, “Destination Caribbean:  Where is St. Thomas?.”  Today, we identify the location of another popular destination — one of the most family-friendly islands in the Bahamas — GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND.  

The embarkation point of many Bahama yacht charters, Grand Bahama Island is located in the Caribbean, in the Atlantic Ocean, about 190 miles west of Nassau, 55 miles from South Florida (due east of Fort Lauderdale) and northeast of Cuba. Atlas and map users users will find the island at coordinates 26°39?N 78°19?W. 

Grand Bahama Island map Freeport Lucaya Bahamas GB

Grand Bahama is the fifth largest island in the Bahamas island chain of approximately 700 islands and more than 2,000 cays.  It is in the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST). Daylight Savings Time (DST) is observed in the summer months from March to November, when the time is pushed forward by 1 hour to Eastern Daylight-savings Time (EDT). It shifts back by 1 hour after the summer, and returns to EST.

By air, the island’s international airport, Grand Bahama International Airport (GBIA), is 35 minutes from Miami, 3 hours from New York, 7 hours from Los Angeles, and 9 hours across the pond, from London.

The charms of the island attract visitors from around the world arriving on the largest yacht charter vessels. It seems the deep surrounding waters and the bordering shallow reefs teeming with tropical fish are an irresistible magnet that keeps boaters coming back year after year. The islands premier marina is the full-service 115-slip Port Lucaya Marina

Port Lucaya Marina Grand Bahama Freeport Lucaya megayacht superyacht luxury yacht charter Bahamas

Grand Bahama features miles of beautiful beaches, nature preserves, resort hotels, a major casino, nighttime entertainment, an animal shelter full of the Bahamas’ own breed of dog available for adoption (the potcake), warm, tropical, emerald-green seas, and tons of watersports activities. 

A NEAT FACT:  When Christopher Columbus visited the island in 1492, he called it Gran Bajamar – ‘Great Shallows,‘ from which the name Grand Bahama was derived;  however, the name of the island’s capital city, Freeport / Lucaya, is probably better known to the world today than the name of the island, itself.  


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