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Exercises to do to prepare for your Greece yacht charter vacation

You’ve decided to charter a motor yacht in Greece for a week. What an exciting idea!  You can’t decide whether you want to go on a Trinity Yacht Charter or a Feadship Yacht Charter, and you’re also thinking that sail boat charters are also a romantic way to vacation. Regardless, all Greece yacht charters are fun, educational, and adventurous – no matter what kind of private yacht you enjoy.

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, you’ll want to prepare your body with some basic exercises before heading to the Aegean.

Since you’ll be hiking up rocky hills and exploring historic landmarks like the Parthenon and the Acropolis, do a series of ankle stretches, ankle rolls, and knee bends to prepare.

The Parthenon in Greece will be one of your land excursion tours on your yacht charter

Since all megayachts have stairs that you’ll descend and ascend each day on your boat, practice climbing stairs with a stairmaster, walking manual stairwells in your area, or just simply walking an inclined area where you live.

Visiting landmarks is wonderful, but it does entail a lot of walking.  To maximize your cardio (heart) and overall fitness, just walk. Park your car far from a store when you grocery shop.  Walk around the block and enjoy nature. Take your dog for a long overdue walk. Hop on the treadmill and go for a stroll.

No worries.  The best thing is that you really don’t NEED exercise for your Mediterranean yacht charter event – it is just good for your heart, your mind, and your overall attitude!  Your crew will do the majority of the exercising during your yacht charter, but you will also be exercising for fun in your daily activities onboard! 

Mega yacht charter vacations, whether on a sail boat charter or a superyacht, are a great way to travel – they are good for the mind as well as the body!

For more information and to book your Mediterranean yacht charter, call 1-800-YACHTCHARTER or email

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