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From Russia With Love – Foreign Luxury Yacht Charter Vessels May Now Visit Moscow

As of May, 2012, the inland waterways of Russia have lifted the restrictions on superyachts flying a foreign flag.
This means foreign-flagged megayachts, both charter vessels and private use ships will be able to make their way to Moscow.

Moscow Russia by night entertainment includes museum cinema ice skating steroleto jazz yachts private clubs theatre
Yachting industry reports show 17% of the world’s largest yachts are owned by Russians;  however, none of these are Russian flagged.
With these new rules in place, perhaps we will see more yachts making their way to the Russian capital…

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  • G.R.

    Putin on the Ritz…?


  • G.R.

    I realize that Moscow is on the Volga River, which connects to the Caspian Sea, but I’m wondering how foreign vessels can reach it? Or do foreign travel companies just buy a yacht that’s already "in the system"?


  • Admin

    From the Caspian Sea, Gary, yachts come up the Volga then on to the Oka River and enter a tributary call the Moskva ("Moscow" in Russian) River. Alternate route is Volga to man-made Moscow Canal (which connects Volga to Moskva River). The big superyachts can’t get into the city limits because the river is only 3 inches deep. Just outside of the city, however, the water is 6 meters deep, perfect for large yachts. Yacht passengers easily travel into the city by limousine. (I imagine thoughts of hovercrafts, etc are a consideration for someday…) James Bond, anyone?


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