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Hassle-Free Airport Screening – Our Top Four Travel Tips

Follow our tips to make airport security checkpoints quick and easy

You’re on your way to the airport, ready to hop a flight to the Caribbean and begin your Virgin Island yacht charter vacation.  Running a little late, you think to yourself, "I hope I don’t get held up in the security screening and end up missing my flight."

If you prepare before you arrive at the airport, you’ll move more quickly through the security process. Follow these four suggestions to make the airport screening process as smooth as possible:

●  AVOID heavy metal.  No, we’re not talking about the Metallica album on your iPod.  Certain clothing and accessories (like metal buttons or metal belt buckles) can set off an alarm on the metal detector and slow you down. Don’t wear clothing or jewelry that contain metal when traveling through security checkpoints.  Pack heavy jewelry and other metal items in your carry-on baggage.

●  PACK your coats.  All coats and jackets that you are carrying must go through the X-ray machine for inspection.  If you choose to wear an outer coat or jacket at the screening checkpoint, you will need to either pack it in your carry-on baggage or put it in one of the X-ray bins.

●  WEAR shoes without laces.  You are required to remove your shoes before you pass through the metal detector. This includes all types of footwear, even sandals. Avoid the need to leave the security line to sit and untie laced shoes (like heavy Timberland boots when headed to cold country). Wear shoes that you can easily and quickly slip on and off.

●  DECLUTTER your carry-on bag.  This lets the security agents get a clear, uncomplicated X-ray image of your bag.  Try to limit liquids in carry-on bags to what you need for the duration of the flight, especially if you are taking a crewed luxury sailing charter or mega yacht charter.  The crew on your vessel will have plenty of onboard provisions, such as shampoo, liquid soaps, etc.   If you must take liquids, pack them in your checked baggage – you’ll get through security faster. 


Let’s make this a "Top FIVE" list – help us come up with one more tip for hassle-free airport screening.   Click HERE to give u
s your best suggestion for avoiding delays at airport security checkpoints and we’ll share your tip with our readers.  

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