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Know B4UGo – Rules for Using Waverunners During a Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation

Waverunners require licensed drivers on yacht charter vacations

Kayaks, skis, and towable wakeboards and bananas are great
toys to have on a mega yacht charter.  However, the most requested aquasport equipment remains the personal watercraft (PWC).  Jet-skis and waverunners are considered de rigueur on yachts for hire, particularly the newest yachts available for charter.

Unfortunately, charter clients can end up frustrated and disappointed if they are not aware of the rules regarding the use of PWC’s in certain cruising grounds. Not only are waverunners not allowed in certain protected bays and coves, some governments require the operator of the PWC to have a license – and please note: an automobile driver’s license is NOT sufficient.

So, before you sign your rental yacht agreement, look for a very standard clause similar to this:

“Use of personal Water Craft is only permitted subject to the operator having the appropriate license and meeting with local operating regulations.  Any liability arising from noncompliance is entirely at the operator’s risk.”

Simply put, just because your yacht carries waverunners onboard does not mean you can legally use them.

One way to obtain a PWC license is via one of many online boating safety courses.  Courses may vary from state to state and from country to country.  Fortunately, many PWC licenses are recognized and accepted in major charter destinations like the Western Med.

Here are two well-known online safety courses –
  1. PWC Safety School
  2. Boat U.S. Foundation 

    For students who prefer hands-on training, there are many accredited boating safety training centers and schools around the world, such as:

    Guardian Marine (UK)  

    Riviera Sea School (France)

    International Yacht Training (Worldwide)

    Once you obtain your PWC license, be sure to discuss with your crew your desire to use the yacht’s personal watercraft.  You might be surprised to find your cruising ground does not permit the use of PWC’s – license or not!  

    This is especially true in areas with sensitive eco systems.  British Virgin Islands yacht charters, for example, are not allowed to use PWC’s anywhere in the island chain.

    Knowing the rules for operating personal watercraft before your charter will help make your vacation safer and memorable for all the right reasons!  


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