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London Olympics Yacht Charters 2012

London Olympic yacht charter bookingsIt is estimated that London’s roughly 120,000 hotel rooms are nowhere near enough to accommodate the hordes of tourists expected for the 2012 Olympic Games.  The lack of accomodations means many visitors might opt to stay hours outside of London, in the English countryside.

Savy travelers, however, can choose an option that will put them within walking distance of the main stadium: a London Olympics Yacht Charter. 

The Marina at the London Docklands is poised to play host to dozens of the newest and largest motoryachts in the world during the Olympic games.  The facility is a mere two miles from Olympic Park and several other venues for the games.

The Docklands currently accommodate vessels from small bareboats to British navy ships and international cruise ships. A handful of megayachts have visited the marina over the past year, so the dockmaster and his team are prepared to handle the needs of large vessels.

Gareth Stephens is the dock manager for British Waterways, the agency that oversees England’s waterways.  He reports a  variety of berths are being prepared for the weeks immediately preceeding the summer 2012 Olympics. According to Stephens, "The Docklands can house yachts up to 170 meters (558 feet) with a 23-meter beam and eight-meter draft (75 feet and 26 feet, respectively)."
The number of available slips will ultimately depend on the sizes of vessels that make reservations for the games. Says Stephens, "We are looking to accommodate a mix of cruise vessels and superyachts."

Portland Harbour, Osprey Quay marina for London games

The minimum dockage reservation period is 21 days.  As the Olympics will run from July 27 to August 12, the required minimum booking period would run from July 24 to August 14. Stays starting before and/or ending after the minimum period are also available.

Charges for a slip or quayside space are dependent upon the overall length of the yacht. They range from a daily rate of £1,000 (approx $1,547) for yachts under 25 meters (82 feet) to £11,000 (est $17,000) per day for vessels in the 125-150 meter (410- to 492-foot) range. 

London Docklands offers full marina services and facilities including water, sewage, fuel bunkering, and garbage disposal. It also has riverboat and "Tube" connections, making it highly convenient for both the Olympic events and all major London attractions.

Dockside services available for London games yacht chartersTo inquire about berth availabilities, contact SailAway at  305-720-7245 or via email at

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