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Luxury Yacht Charter Emergen-Sea: Ways To Protect Your Caribbean Yacht Charter Odyssey

With one of the highest safety records in the travel industry, luxury sailing yacht charter vacations in the Caribbean continue to grow in popularity.  While no one goes on a yachting vacation expecting misfortune, it is still wise to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Here are several tips on how to protect yourself and your property:
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â–  Liability Insurance
Before you sign your charter agreement, ask your broker about the level of insurance built into the rental contract. Find out if the yacht’s insurance policy covers guests for third party liability (e.g. injury to a swimmer by a charter guest operating one of the yacht's waverunners),as well as coverage for lost possessions and personal accidents. If such coverage is not offered, you might wish to consult with your own insurance advisor regarding coverage options.
â–  Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance
People get sick…Flights get cancelled…Stuff "happens."  Many companies like Travel Assure and Travel Guard International offer cancellation and curtailment coverage at a cost of approximately 2.5 per cent of the charter fee to cover a possible loss of the charter fee if the holiday has to be cancelled for unforeseen reasons. 
Read more about travel insurance at yacht charter trip cancellation insurance and coverage for lifeflight helicopter medivac
â–  Medical Air Service
While Virgin Islands yacht charter vacations continue to be the most popular for Americans, more and more charterers are seeking remote sailing vacations in exotic island habitats.  If you are planning on cruising in Third World waters, realize local medical services may be well below those standards of your own country, and serious life-threatening injuries or illness might require expensive aero-medical (Medivac) evacuation.  For a low cost annual membership,  the US-based Medical Air Services Association will provide immediate access to an air ambulance for repatriation in lifesaving circumstances.


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