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Luxury Yacht Charter Gadget Has Wings

Underwater photograph of a person using a subwing. It is a watersports toy pulled by a boat. It looks like this person is holding onto a manta ray and being pulled underwater. He is wearing a lime green mask and clear snorkel. He is headed toward the bottom front of the photo, coming towards you.

Yacht charter gadget – fly under water


Yacht charter guests — keep an eye out for a new watertoy that’s sure to be seen on luxury yacht charter vessels in the future.   Have you always wanted to ride on the back of a sea turtle?  Do you dream of skindiving and holding onto a manta ray who glides you through the water?   As exciting and dreamy as those images seem, they equate to harrassing marine life.  Flying underwater, then, has to be done without marine creatures.  The solution?  Norwegian inventor Simon Sivertsen’s Subwing!



Designed with two hydrodynamic wings that join in the center with a swivel made of rubber and steel, the Subwing’s “arms” pivot independently of one another.  “Flyers” can ride the Subwing by holding onto rubber grips at the front of the wings or by grasping a rubber grab loop in the rear. Heavy-duty Dyneema fiber ropes attached to the top surface of both wings connect to your yacht charter tender tow rope.



Ready, set, FLY!  Riders can steer the Subwing up, down, left, or right, and they can perform spins, simply by angling or twisting the wings.  The Subwing is only recommended for use by skin divers (without scuba tanks). This is because sudden depth changes and compressed air don’t mix. Scuba tanks are also heavy and create a lot of drag for the tow boat.  Boats towing “subwingers” only travel at two knots.


The Subwing is available in three versions. The fiberglass model sells for US $700, the carbon fiber matte model sells for $850, and the carbon gloss model will set you back $895. 



Isn’t it time that you experienced a new thrill?  Ready to soar underwater?  Contact us at 1-800 Yacht Charters.  We will plan the yacht charter trip of a lifetime for you.

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