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Luxury Yacht Charterers — Ever Wonder Why a Ship’s Bathroom Is Called a Head?

Anyone familiar with the luxury yacht charter market has heard the term, "head"  when reference is made to an onboard bathroom.  

Whether a small bareboat sailboat or one of the largest yachts in the world, rarely are bathrooms referred to as anything other than a head.

Ever wonder why???

Here's the reason – dating back to the 1400's, toilets on ships were normally located in the bow or "head" of the vessel. By placing the toilet near the base of the bowsprit, splashing water served to naturally clean the toilet area.

Of course, the bathrooms on today's superyachts are located throughout the vessel and are anything but utilitarian. 

Take a peek at the bathroom on Mediterranean yacht charter motor yacht NUMPTIA:

luxury yacht charter bathroom head motoryacht charter caribbean powerboat rent a private yacht
The curved tub is solid marble and the privacy wall hides two suspended rainforest showers. 

Now THAT'S a head!!!


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