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Most Beautiful Luxury Yacht Charter Airports In The World – Our Top Three

Flight delays are tedious, but waiting to head off on a luxury sailing charter holiday is a bit more bearable while waiting inside a beautiful, well-designed airport terminal.
Barajas Airport Madrid Spain MAD bamboo architecture canyons balearic island yacht charters

While most airports are merely utilitarian in layout and many travelers too harried to pay attention to the design, more and more cities are spending lavishly to build artistic, captivating terminals to serve as their city’s gateway.Here are our three favorite airport terminals in the world:

  • Terminal 4, Barajas Airport, Madrid
  • Terminal 4 features colorful pylons supporting a bamboo-lined roof.  The design creates a series of daylight-filled canyons in which both arriving and departing passengers pass through one spectacular space.
Designed to handle 35 million passengers a year, Barajas Airport is one of Europe’s dominant air-hubs and is an excellent gateway for Balearic Island yacht charters
  • TWA Terminal, John F. Kennedy Airport, New York City
    Whether a superyacht or an airport, the use of classic architecture is timeless.  The TWA terminal at JFK was built in 1962 yet still sets a standard for today’s designers. The poured-concrete swoops and curves express the excitement of air travel and the romance of flight.
Beijing International Airport PEK Peking top airport in the world red and yellow dragon Chinese China tradition
  • Terminal 3, Beijing International Airport
    At two miles long, the vast Terminal 3 in Beijing is of the largest buildings in the world.  Designed to represent a dragon, the architects color-coded the ceiling to filter in red and yellow zones of sunlight.
Not only does the traditionally Chinese color scheme heighten the building’s dramatic effect, it also helps passengers navigate through the building.
  • Honorable Mentions:
    –  The light tunnel at Chicago O’Hare’s United Airlines terminal
    –  Artist Michele Oka Doner’s sea life-embedded floor at Miami international Airport, Concourse A, which earned a cameo in the George Clooney movie, Up in the Air.
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