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Superyachts: New Gadget Cuts Luxury Yacht Charter Vessel Interior Noise Levels

Photograph of a man in a green shirt with his finger to his lip, indicating for you to be quiet.  It says Shh! in black bold font on the left side of his head.

Nothing like the peace and quiet of a yacht charter vacation



Noise-canceling headphones have been around for years. One company hopes to convert entire rooms on superyacht vessels into quieter environments.



Presenting the Active Noise Canceling system by Videoworks. It relies on stand alone speakers. These are built into the walls of a yacht.



The system will work by detecting the frequency of noises coming from a cabin. It then emits a similar noise from the opposite side of the spectrum of frequency.  As a result, there is a clashing of the opposing sounds. This results in the cancellation of the audible portion of the sound wave.



While in most cases the noise is not completely eliminated, it does drop it to a significantly lower level, often sounding like a faint hiss.



The technology seems to work best when the noise is consistent and at a constant frequency – like the drone of the engines on a yacht charter vessel as it chugs from St Barts to St Thomas. 




The noise-canceling gadget relies on woofer speakers that measure 22.8 x 11.8 x 4 inches and can be hidden under leather or other soft materials.  For instance, padded walls, pillows, and cushions.  They operate in the frequency range of 25 to 200 Hz and will detect any changes in frequency caused by the yacht’s engines or generators.  Concert-level audio quality is assured via an advanced 32-bit analog/digital signal processor and a dedicated digital power amplifier.



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