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New YIS App Enhances The Superyacht Experience®


Photograph of the navigation station on superyacht, Solandge. The stations are uplit from the floor, and there is a large oval lighted area over the bridge


A new digital superyacht technology tool for yacht owners and superyacht charter guests is available.  The portal provides real-time access to the yacht’s onboard information systems. Technophile guests can view the vessel’s specs, layout, and weather forecasts.  Surprisingly, they can even track their yacht charter itinerary.



The Yacht Information System (YIS) is an innovative digital tool. It is a YachtCloud design.  Onboard guests can access the portal via the yacht’s televisions via an IPTV channel.  Additionally, guests can access the portal via an app they download onto their smartphones or tablets.




Until recently,  charterers would visit with the captain when they wanted information.  They would go to the command center of the yacht, the captain’s bridge.  Here, they would ask the captain questions.  For example, “What’s the final destination for today’s cruise?”  Or they might ask, “How long will it take us to get to the next port of call?” 

With the YIS portal, clients can get instant answers – from anywhere onboard the yacht!




The technology customizes to meet the specific interests of the charter guests.  Superyachts are massive, and in addition, true wonders of technology.  The inner working of the crew, and the capabilities of the yacht, intrigue many charter guests.  In particular, clients often tell us they would love to visit the yacht’s engine room.  However, some guests feel they are, “in the way” of the engine room crew. They then and forego this visit.  With this app, guests can “observe”  the workings of the engine room from the comfort of their location. For instance, stateroom, the gym, the aft deck, or….

CLICK HERE for a demonstration of YIS.



YIS is one of six luxury technology products by YachtCloud.  The company began to innovate for the superyacht industry in 2014.  We are intrigued by their mission of “delivery” as it parallels our own commitment to creating a unique experience.  Our goal at 1-800 Yacht Charters is to, “Deliver The Superyacht Experience.™”  YachtCloud products are designed to, “Deliver a more immersive luxury experience.”



Other products offered by YachtCloud include OMNIYON.  This is a media control system for superyachts.  Specifically, it’s a user-friendly app that allows charter guests total control of all onboard audio/visual media.  It also serves as an interface for room devices, room controls, and yacht crew service call functions. As an illustration, this one app lets users browse their favorite movies in the yacht’s cinema catalog.  It also allows guests to adjust the yacht’s sky lounge to their ideal temperature.



Some people view technology as a way to sell gadgets.  We believe technology is the gateway for a sustainable yachting future.  Without a doubt, it’s also a fun way to enhance The Superyacht Experience®.



The term and the concept, The Superyacht Experience® is a creation of, and is trademarked by, 1-800 Yacht Charters. Our joy at bringing the industry this concept is overwhelming.  Legacy and Legitimacy.  Tis the season?  No, YIS the season!

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