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Off The Beaten Path: Great Spots For Virgin Island Yacht Charter SCUBA

Q:  “I’ve heard crewed catamaran charters in the BVI are ideal for guests who like to dive.  Other than the typical ‘touristy’ dive sites, can you suggest anywhere I should consider?”
A:  “Ahoy, E. – The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are famous for their idyllic island beauty, and are considered the top luxury yacht charter destination in the world. However, few charterers are aware that the BVI are a fantastic diving destination as well.”
Yacht charter guests scuba dive on reefs in the British Virgin Islands from their private yachts
There are numerous wrecks, both old and new, in the BVI, with one of the most famous being the RMS Rhone, a royal mail ship that sank in a hurricane in 1867.  Movie fans are familiar with the Rhone as the location for most of the underwater scenes in the film, “The Deep.”
When it comes to more remote dive sites, dives around the more exposed Cooper Island and Carvel Rock are rarer and more challenging, and can only be undertaken by experienced divers and if weather conditions are very calm. If the conditions are right, divers taking the plunge from the east side of Cooper Island at Dry Rocks East will be rewarded with sightings of  scores of marine life.  Expect to see Horse-eye Jacks, African Pompano, Spadefish, Cobia, Nurse sharks and if you’re a little lucky – Hawksbill turtles.In the same area theDevil’s Kitchen is a shelf, which progressively becomes more undercut with the rock structure forming a unique lattice with numerous hideouts for reef fish, turtles, and lobsters.

Have fun!!!

With dozens of charter boats based in the BVI, it is simple and affordable to rent your own private yacht.  For more information, contact SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants at

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