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Pay It Forward on Your Yacht Charter

What kind of random acts of kindness can be done while you are on your private luxury yacht charter?

Going ashore?

  • Perform an “Operation Beautiful,” where you write a message of love and beauty to someone on a post-it note and put it in a public place (or on the back of a diet book, for example).Pay it Forward and do Random Acts of Kindness through notes to others
  • Give a sincere (and unsolicited) compliment to a stranger.
  • Buy a meal or cup of soup for someone who is begging or is in need.
  • Is it mid-December?  Go into the local post office and pick up a “letter to Santa.” Buy or send gift(s) to the writer and have them delivered for Christmas!Pay it Forward with a Random Act of Kindness - pick up letter to Santa at post office and send gifts
  • Walking with your kids?  Have a race to see who can pick up the most litter. 
  • Leave your change in the soda machine as a surprise for the next person. 
  • Drop coins in a garden. The next time it is weeded, someone will find a nice surprise.Random Acts of Kindess - while sightseeing on your florida yacht charters, drop coins in a garden for person weeding to find
  • Have especially good service (or friendly staff, etc) somewhere you’ve been? When you get home from your Bahama yacht charter or Virgin Islands yacht charter, write a letter to management commending the establishment or the person(s), by name. 
  • Stopping in a cafe or coffee shop?  Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you. They’ll be so shocked and surprised when they get to the register! 
  • Want to spread the word about “Pay It Forward?” Go to the Pay It Forward website and order bracelets. Take them on your Feadship yacht charter, and as you practice Random Acts of Kindness, give a bracelet to the recipient who thanks you, so that they, too, will Pay It Forward!Pay It Forward bracelets

    When you rent a private yacht, don’t forget to practice Random Acts of Kindness on your trip and Pay It Forward. Your trip will be so much more rewarding for you and for others!

    What is your favorite Random Act of Kindness to perform while on a yacht charter or traveling in another land?  Contact us HERE and let us know!

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