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Perfect Espresso Machine For Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Charter Fans

OK, it's time for all of our gearhead buddies to come clean. We know the only reason you call us each year to book a yacht for the Monaco Grand Prix –  your wives have zero interest in sitting in the stands with hundreds of strangers, watching F1 racers zip by. 
We get it – a yacht docked along the quay with amenities like ondeck hot tub and luxurious sun lounges gives the ladies what they want, and the unobstructed views of the street track gives the guys what they want.     
It's that spirit of "compromise" when it comes to racing that caught our attention with this new item:

Our editor walked in this morning with a photo of the Espresso Veloce Machine an espresso machine billed as a tribute to the 1990's Grand Prix race car engines which powered racing legends like Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.
monaco grand prix formula 1 luxury yacht charter espresso machine
The Espresso Veloce Machine is built with race-world alloys such as magnesium, titanium, and aluminum.  About half the size of a real-life 3-liter racing engine,  the Espresso Veloce comes in both a V10 and V12 configuration.   The oil-filler doubles as a grappa reservoir, and coffee is served via the exhaust tubes.
Even the mugs are designed to complement the overall theme!
We understand production will be limited to just 500 numbered units worldwide, and no word yet on the price or anticipated shipping dates.
Now the real trick – getting your wife to toss the LaVazza and replace it on the kitchen counter with this bad boy!!!  😉


Reservations are now being accepted for berths and dockage for both Cannes Film Festival yacht charters and the Monaco Grand Prix.  For further details, contact SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants at

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