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Point System Helps Charterers Rate & Choose Yachts

Charter Planner Worksheet created by SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants

Recently, a new customer called our charter department.  She wanted to plan her very first Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

The lady had visited our website and viewed the yachts we have listed for the Caribbean in the category, "
Under 50 meters."  "I see 3 or 4 yachts that might be good for crewed catamaran charters," she said.  "Now how do I compare them?"

To help this woman and other customers compare yachts, our team has implemented a "Charter Planner" worksheet.  

The worksheet outlines ten categories, allowing the customer to rate each yacht, based on a scale of 1 to 10. The idea is to assign a point value to each category – the higher the points, the closer the yacht is to the customer’s preferences and personal tastes.
Once the client rates each yacht in all ten categories, he or she can then compare the total scores to see which yacht might be the best choice for a luxury mega yacht charter.

Let’s look at the categories that can help you select the right yacht and crew for your vacation:
â–ºCabin Layout – Does the yacht have the right combination of single, double and Queen/King berths?  Rank:_____

â–ºAmenities and Watersports Toys – Does the yacht carry the specific toys and amenities you want (Waverunners, Kayaks, Gym, Elevator, Helipad, etc.)?  Rank: _____

Water toys and amenities available on luxury yacht charter vacations

â–ºAvailability – Is the yacht available for the dates you wish to travel? Rank: _____
â–ºLocation – Is the yacht based in or near the area you wish to charter?  Rank: _____

Greece yacht charter vacation ... Caribbean yacht charter vacation ... where do you want to charter a yacht?

â–ºCrew – Do the crew members’ bios and profiles seem in line with your own  needs and personality? Rank: _____ 
â–ºChef – Does the chef’s cooking style mirror your tastes and special nutritional needs (low sugar diets, etc.)? Rank: _____

Luxury yacht charter chefs prepare gourmet food for charter guests

â–ºDecor – Is the yacht’s interior decor in line with your tastes and preferences? Rank: _____
â–ºBudget – Is the charter rate, including expenses, in line with your desired budget? Rank: _____

Is the yacht charter rate, including expenses, in line with what you want to spend for your private yacht holiday?

Broker’s Thoughts – Does your
SailAway Yacht Charter consultant think the yacht is a good match to your preferences? Rank: _____
As you work your way through the planner, give special attention to questions concerning the crew and the professional opinion of your charter consultant. These two categories are usually the most significant in ensuring that your yachting holiday meets your expectations.


Still not sure if a yacht and crew are the right fit for your charter? Contact our team of consultants HERE to discuss your best options.

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