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Portable Sea Cabana – Newest Gadget To Hit Luxury Yacht Charter Market

On the heels of our recent blog about  the new beach club decks on the newest superyacht vessels, reader Dave V. sends us a text message about a portable version:
"Saw floating cabana tethered 2 Greek yacht charter vessel. 2 cool 4 wrdz…C the photo."  
We looked at the picture Dave had snapped and he was right – it seems yacht owners
wanting to give their guests the option to indulge in off-board relaxation
can now do so by offering use of a portable sea cabana. 

luxury yacht charter floating sea cabana watertoy gadget yacht rental charterboat superyachtDesigned by the USA-based ParrLuxe  company, the cabana is intended as a solution to the problem of guests on large charter yachts having to walk up several levels to sunbathe, and then down the same levels to access a swim platform for a dip in the sea.

With room for 15 to 20 people, the cabana inflates in 15 minutes from a small air compressor,
and comes complete with wraparound seating, a stainless steel swim ladder with teak steps,
and a rigid carbon-fiber canopy frame.

mediterranean yacht charter floating sea cabana swimming pool on water towed behind yacht private luxury yacht charter ParrLuxe


ParrLuxe also offers a cabana with a natural swimming-pool option – a net-covered hole in the floor of the cabana lets in sea water, while keeping out pesky sea creatures and jellyfish.

As our reader Dave pointed out, the cabana can also be tethered behind a boat, making it
ideal for children to use.

The "Sea Cabana" is available in black, white, and turquoise, and is priced at $35,000.


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