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SailAway to Cross-Promote as 1-800-YACHT CHARTER

Sail and motor yacht charters by SailAway and 1800yachtcharters

Reflecting the continued expansion of business from sailing yachts to motor yachts, SailAway will cross-promote its private yacht rental brand as 1-800-YACHT CHARTER.

What began in the 1970’s as a business focused on luxury sailing charter vacations in the Virgin Islands, SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants has grown into a web-based network of the newest and largest yachts, in the world’s best destinations.

Company President, Jana Sheeder, has witnessed the change.  Sheeder explains, "Our industry has not just grown – it has evolved.  In the early years, the term ‘yacht charter‘ was synonymous with sail boat charters in the Virgin Islands.  As the global economy expanded in the 90’s, the penchant for yacht owners to build larger and larger vessels reached a fevered pitch, especially in the motoryacht sector.  These larger vessels had far greater capacity to carry more fuel and supplies and to cruise further than their predecessors."

 1-800-YACHTCHARTER cross promotion by internet and telephone
Sheeder continues, "The abilty to safely travel to remote destinations led to the expansion of global itineraries.  Existing marinas
expanded, and new facilities were built throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world to accomodate the new superyachts."  
The increase in the number of available motor yachts for hire allowed Sheeder’s company to grow into a global provider of luxury mega yacht charter vacations.  Since the company’s name alludes to sailing, Sheeder felt it was time to rebrand the business to reflect the growing trend for large motoryacht rentals. "We secured both a toll-free phone number and a domain name that allow us to cross-promote both sailing and motoryacht vacations under the moniker: 1-800-YACHT CHARTER," says Sheeder.

Named by as the "Best Private Cruise in the World,"  Sheeder is proud of the company’s commitment to offer charterers the newest yachts in the marketplace.  "Like 1-800-FLOWERS and similar company names, the 1-800-YACHT CHARTER brand allows us to offer our customers a point of easy access to a global inventory of new and large sail and motor yachts for hire."   


Sail versus Power – which type of yacht do you think is best for a private boat rental vacation at sea?  

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