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Yachts: Size Increases, But Fewer New Builds



Luxury mega yacht charter aficionados take heart.  Yes, fewer vessels destined for the world’s charter market are being built.  Those that are being built will be larger than ever before.
Photograph of a large white yacht coming toward the lower left side of the photograph.

Megayachts Get Larger Every Year

Industry reports for January 2013 indicate there are a total of 692 yachts over 80 feet under construction worldwide. This is a 5.2% drop in the number of projects over the prior year, but the length and volume of the yachts has grown.




Currently there is more gross tonnage under construction since 2007.  Builders report 14 projects are underway over 328 feet (100 meters), and a 44% increase in orders for yachts over 250 feet.



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