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Sustainable Bamboo Greens Yacht Design

Photograph of salmon skin leather in different colors. It is used in yacht interior design and is sustainable. The colors are laid next to each other and range from dark blues to oranges and golds


Remember our eco-friendly green superyacht salmon skin decor blog post?  Introducing sustainable bamboo for yacht interiors. Sailboats and cruiseships also use it.


Photograph of a green forest of bamboo stalks


Lamboo, Inc.’s product line presented yacht industry  designers like Dubois Naval Architects with a new challenge.  Designers always incorporate new materials into their work.



The “Elite” product series has engineered bamboo panels and veneers, designed for the marine industry. Bamboo products are a sustainable alternative to wood on boats. They have superior weathering properties and resistance to fire.  Lamboo Elite panels are stained or dyed to match most colors. The panels are easily coated in matte and high gloss finishes. 


Bamboo paneling requires no special equipment for use, as it sands and cuts using regular woodworking equipment.  Useability convinces designers to switch to low cost bamboo.  These sustainable products have anti-microbial and moisture resistant attributes. 


Additional ways to promote green yachting include designer creativity.  Eleonore Cavalli of Italian luxury interior design brand Visionnaire uses wood in upholstery frames. That wood comes from plantations where trees are cut only when they reach a certain age.  Her leathers are free from chemical additives, and her rubber is vegetable-based.  She also uses hemp filling in cushions, instead of feathers.
Other sustainable items are not directly built into the yachts.  Renewables like skincare items, reef safe sunscreen, and solar powered watertoys are just a few of the many ways to help the ocean and the earth.
Sustainability is the way of the future for interior design. Yacht owners and charter guests demand a new outlook on protecting the environment, so that has changed the design of yachting, inside and out.


We applaud Lamboo, Inc. and companies who work toward a greener future in the yachting industry.


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