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30 Meter Luxury Sailing Charter Vessel Slashes Rates

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Photograph of the back of sailing yacht NOSTROMO during a sailing race. She has a white sail and a shiny blue hull, and there are multiple sailors on deck who are helping race the boat. There is a large wave behind her, indicating fast speed



This gorgeous vessel looks forward to a strong Mediterranean yacht charter season.  The 30 meter sail yacht NOSTROMO cruises into 2012. She offers highly-competitive, reduced rental rates.



Beginning with the upcoming summer high season (July and August), rates have been slashed by 23% – from €45,000 per week to an attractive €35,000 per week. Rates are plus expenses.



Nostromo is a sleek, modern 2009 sloop.  Design by Dubois Yachts and build by British superyacht builder Pendennis.  Sail yacht NOSTROMO quickly became a popular sailing yacht in France and Italy upon launch.  She then crossed the Atlantic for service as a Caribbean yacht charter vessel. 

Photograph of the cockpit of sailboat NOSTROMO. Photo taken from the back of the yacht. Photo shows two sailboat ship's wheels in the foreground, with cockpit dining table in the background, covered by white awning. The table is set for dining.


Pendennis yacht NOSTROMO boasts a beautiful interior, designed by Redman Whitely Dixon.  There are four convertible cabins. In specific, they convert to modern double cabins.  In addition, there is 1 single cabin with a bath.

Available in the Eastern Mediterranean, her experienced crew is keen to charter.  With attractive new rates, expect prime summer dates to be booked quickly. 

Similar yachts available this summer in the Eastern Mediterranean include  the 43 meter sail yacht  CLEAR EYES, 38 meter gulet yacht ESMA SULTAN, 34 meter sail yacht ANNAGINE, and the 32 meter crewed catamaran charters superstar sail yacht IPHARRA.


For further information or to plan The Superyacht Experience™, contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters mediterranean destination specialists at 

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Reduced Rates For Classic Sail Yacht Charter

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Profile photograph of sailboat ANNAGINE underway. She is sailing toward the right side of the photograph. She has full sails. Her hull is white, and her deck is tan wood. There are waves all along the bottom of the yacht in the front, as she is quickly sailing, and she is leaning toward the bottom of the photo.

ANNAGINE sailing yacht


A 111-foot sailing yacht has announced a summer special for charters in the Western Mediterranean confirmed prior to June 15.
Book a Italy yacht charter this summer aboard JOM sail yacht ANNAGINE and save as much as €10,000.
All bookings complete by June 15.  Charter dates can be anytime this summer.
If your charter dates are in low season (June or September), you’ll pay just  €29,000 per week for six to eight guests (regular rate is  €39,000 per week). High season (July and August) rates are from €43,000 per week to €33,000 per week. 
Designed by Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects and built in 2010 by JOM in Holland, the 33.90 meter sail yacht ANNAGINE is designed and built for comfortable high performance cruising and fully-equipped to the latest standards for a memorable luxury sailing charter. 
Based in Sardinia, the classic-styled sailing yacht ANNAGINE is available for seasonal racing regattas as well as traditional cruising charters in Italian waters.

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Smartphone App Promising For Yacht Charters

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Photograph of a man in a red t-shirt looking toward the camera.  A smartphone blocks his face, so all that the viewer sees is the camera on the back of a smartphone, with the man in the background.

Smartphone app, PositionIt


Researchers at the University of Missouri develop a smartphone app that determines location, speed, and direction of distant objects. 



The PositionIt app combines a smartphone’s GPS, compass, and imaging capabilities to calculate the exact location of distant objects and track their speed and direction.



Practical uses might include a single off-the-shelf device to replace various pieces of equipment carried by soldiers on the battlefield, or even by golfers to judge the distance to the green when playing golf.


Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters, sees both fun and practical applications in her industry. 

“We envision crews using this app to track other vessels during Mediterranean yacht charter regattas, like the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta,” says Sheeder. 

“Can you imagine children on crewed catamaran charters in the Caribbean using the app to track a pod of dolphins or whales in the distance?  The advantage of a smartphone is that it provides so many tools in a single, affordable package.”



The researchers say the PositionIt app can calculate the exact location of distant objects, both when the size of the object is known and when it isn’t.  Additionally, the software can also track the direction and calculate the speed of a moving target, like a luxury sailing charter vessel underway, from a short video captured on the smartphone.


A prototype version of the targeting and tracking software is currently undergoing testing. Advances in smartphone hardware are also expected to improve the accuracy of the new app. Improvements in GPS accuracy, battery life, and camera resolution will allow the app to make even more accurate observations.



The next LORO PIANA SUPERYACHT REGATTA is scheduled for June 4-8, 2013 in Porto Cervo,  Sardinia. First launched in 2008, this regatta kicks off the Mediterranean cruising season and attracts an ever-increasing fleet of sailing yachts. For instance, 34 meter sail yacht ANNAGINE and the 57 meter Royal Huisman yacht TWIZZLE.


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