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Perini Navi Rates for Caribbean Winter

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Photograph of yacht charter guests dining on the swim platform of a huge dark blue-hulled Perini Navi sailing yacht. Photo taken from the waterline of the yacht.

Parsifal III – dining on swim platform


The 54 meter Perini Navi sail yacht PARSIFAL III has committed to relocate.  She heads to the Caribbean for the upcoming winter season.  She introduces lower, competitive rates to entice charter clients.

Yacht managers announce today about dates.  The Mediterranean-based luxury sailing charter vessel should arrive in the islands by December 1st and remain through April, 2012.

Aerial photograph of yachts in an anchorage. At the bottom right side of photo is HUGE sailboat at anchor. Her sails are down. She is surrounded by multiple smaller yachts, powerboats, and watertoys. There is an island behind the boats, and another in the distance.

Superyacht Parsifal III on charter


Parcifal’s rate is normally priced in Euros.  Lower rates are available in US Dollars for the winter season.  This is to encourage American travelers.  They have been stung by the low currency exchange value between Dollars and Euros. 


Rates for charters in the Caribbean are $250,000 per week for Christmas or New Years.  All other dates are $200,000 per week.  Running expenses, for instance, food, bar, fuel and dockage, are additional.



Perini Navi SpA  sail yacht PARSIFAL III accommodates 12 guests in 6 staterooms.  She sets new standards in performance and has levels of comfort rarely found on a sailing yacht.



Her sleek lines of her jet-black hull contrast against her brilliant-white superstructure.



Parsifal’s interior is a design by Remi Tessier. It blends dark ebony, wenge, and light sycamore with stainless steel and fine leather.  Her craftsmanship is exquisite.  Detail is complemented by natural textures and textiles.  This ultra modern yacht has a warm, inviting, and relaxing feeling.



Sailboat Parsifal’s vast outside space includes an on-deck Jacuzzi and barbecue area.  This is ideal for entertaining.



Other yachts similar to PARSIFAL III and available this winter in the Caribbean include sail yacht PANTHALASSA and charter sailboat charter FIDELIS



To arrange your Caribbean yacht charter, contact the SailAway and 1-800 Yacht Charters team at

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Porto Cervo Hosts Perini Navi Yacht Charter Race & Regatta

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The 6th edition of the Perini Navi Cup has concluded, and once again several Perini Navi yacht charter vessels have participated and made a strong showing…

Competing in this year’s event were Perini Navi yacht PERSEUS 3 along with yacht MALTESE FALCON and Perini yacht SEAHAWK, and this year’s winner, sail yacht ROSEHEARTY – all currently available for rental through 1-800 Yacht Charters Private Yacht Charter Brokers.

Also in attendance as spectator yachts were motor yacht EXUMA and  sailing yacht FIDELIS and sail yacht MELEK.

Private yacht Maltese Falcon sailboat racing Perini Navi

Held September 2 through 5 in Porto Cervo at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, the 2015 Perini Navi Cup featured three days of spirited racing along challenging courses through the islands of the La Maddalena archipelago.  The intense sailing competition was punctuated by social gatherings and nightly soirees, all leading up to the gala dinner with entertainment by Andrea Bocelli.

View of marina at night


Italy’s Perini Navi shipyard is renowned for the massive dimensions of the yachts they produce, as well as their commitment to cutting edge technology and luxurious finishes.  In terms of deck space and interior amenities, they are unrivaled as charter yachts, and can be rented in the Caribbean in the winter and throughout the Mediterranean in the summer.

A sampling of beautiful Perini Navi yachts for hire from 1-800 Yacht Charters, your superyacht charter specialists since 1976

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Superyacht Award Attendees To Visit Shipyards

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Attendees of the upcoming 2012 WORLD SUPERYACHT AWARDS, May 5, 2012, will enjoy an exclusive opportunity to visit the shipyards of two of the top builders of luxury yacht charter vessels.

Photograph of a neptune award statue.

Neptune Award Statue

Builders Proteksan Turquoise, and Perini Navi are offering yacht owners, designers and VIP guests a guided tour of their shipyards in Istanbul, Turkey.

Charter vessels launched by these famous yards include:

Proteksan Turquoise motor yacht YOGI
Perini Navi sail yacht FIDELIS
Proteksan Turquoise motor yacht TALISMAN C


Perini Navi sail yacht BARACUDA
Proteksan Turquoise motor yacht BARAKA
Proteksan Turquoise motor yacht TURQUOISE

Of special note, 70.54m megayacht TALISMAN C, 50m ultraluxury sailing yacht FIDELIS, and 55.4m motor vessel TURQUOISE are 2012 World Superyacht Awards finalists.



For further event information or to rent one of these private luxury yachts, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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Top 3 Biggest Gadget Failures on 2011 Yachts

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Animated image collage of gadgets. The entire picture has a blue and purple tint. The date 2011 is written across the left side of the collage.

Top Gadget Failures of 2011

Regular readers of our blogs kno the team in our yacht charter department loves gadgets – from great Christmas stocking stuffer gadgets to our favorite must-have new gadgets for 2012.

But what about gadgets that simply didn’t cut the mustard in 2011? 

In a year when technology heralded the magic of the Cloud and 4G phones were popping up everywhere, the year also bore witness to some failures of epic proportion. Here are our picks for the three biggest technology meltdowns of 2011:


3-D Technology

We’ve said it many times – the tech toys and gadgets found on mega yacht charter vessels are a good barometer as to what is hot and what is not.  Take for example, 3-D technology.  The future might be now, but you’d hardly know it by taking a peek in the average yacht’s salon.  A quick look at some of the newest yachts like the 61 meter Benetti yacht LYANA and the 56 meter Perini Navi sail yacht FIDELIS shows 3-D technology has not been embraced by the yachting community.

You just don’t see any 3-D television sets on the yachts, or in many homes.  Blame high prices or headaches from wearing silly-colored glasses, but at the end of 2011, interest in 3-D TV is the same as it was at the beginning of 2011, and sales are flat.

iPhone 4S

While sales are anything but flat for the iPhone 4s, Apples newest handset is still a major consumer letdown.  Yes, it’s one of  the fastest, best-looking smartphones on the block — but it’s no iPhone 5.  Apple aficionados spent the better part of the year waiting for a reincarnated iPhone with a larger screen, and thinner profile. In the end, they were presented with the iPhone 4S — a nominal upgrade at best over the previous model.


Android Tablets

While the iPhone 4s may have been a letdown, Apple’s iPad tablet juggernaut seems unstoppable, leading us to declare Android tablets as the biggest gadget failure of 2011. A year after the release of the first iPad, not a single technology company has made a dent in Apple’s tablet market. Sales of devices like the Motorola Xoom featuring the Android tablet operating system pale in comparison to the sales of the mighty iPad.  Will the new iPad 2 be the final nail in the coffin of Android tablets in the marketplace?   


Can you think of any other technology blunders for gadgets that failed to catch on in 2011?  If you are a boater, which new gadgets are on your wish list that you would like to see available on charter yachts?  Please contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters booking department at to tell us which gadgets you would like on yachts.

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