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Happiest of Holidays to our Luxury Yacht Charter "Family"

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luxury yacht charter iate yate boat yacht charter greek islands holiday motoryacht charter

At this wonderful time of the year, we at SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants would like to wish our “yacht charter family” of discriminating clients, megayacht owners, professional crew members, management professionals, vendors, corporate and special event attendees, personal assistants, agents, concierges, and EVERYONE with whom we’ve had the privilege and honor to work and spend time with this year a very happy holiday season. 

We are eternally grateful to you for your patronage, readership, comments, suggestions, and interest in what we offer, be it super yacht charters, renting a private yacht, bareboat charter, or yacht charters in locations such as Greece, the Virgin Islands, St. Barts, the French or Italian Riviera, Ibiza, the Bahamas, New England, or anywhere else in the world. 

Thank you for being in our lives, for helping us to make a difference in this world, and for being valuable members of Team SailAway.  Here’s to a wonderful year and future ahead for all.


*  Happy Holidays  *  Merry Christmas  *  Happy Winter Solstice  *  Happy Kwanzaa  * *  Feliz Navidad  *  Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgivukkah *  Buone Feste   *  Joyeuses Fêtes  *  Hag Sameach  *

*  Felices Fiestas  *  Trevlig Helg  *  Boas Festas  *  Mutlu Bayramlar  *  Sarbatori Fericite  *

*  Jie Ri Yu Kuai  *  Bones Festes  *  Tanoshii kurisumasu wo  * Ii holide eximnandi  *

*  Forhe Feiertage  *  Prettige feestdagen  *  Hau’oli Lanui  *  Beannachtaí na Féile  *

*  Vesele Praznike  *  Selamat Hari Raya  *  Sretni praznici  *  QISmaS DatIvjaj  *

*  Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto  *   веселых праздников  *

*  veselykh prazdnikov  *  Gozhqq Keshmish  *  shèngdàn kuàilè  * 

*  Kalá hristúyenna  *  メリークリスマス  *  merÄ« kurisumasu  * 

*  Ya’at’eeh Keshmish  *  S Roždestvom Khristovym  *     Bonu nadale  *   Feliz Natal  *


Sincerely yours,

yacht holiday luxury crewed yacht charter jana l. sheeder president ceo yacht rental mediterranean
SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants
…since 1976
Facebook:  Jana Sheeder
Twitter:     yacht_charters
LinkedIn:  Jana Sheeder

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It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week  #RAKWeek – Spread the Kindness

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The week of February 14-20 is your chance to ramp up the idea of “being kind” as the world celebrates Random Act of Kindness Week, 2016.  Let’s extend Random Acts of Kindness Week!!!

Logo with animated dog under umbrella that says Random Acts of Kindness Week


Created by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, the week-long event is a way for all of us to “…step up your acts of kindness, be loud with your generosity, and commit to being a better person throughout the year. We believe kindness is a daily practice, but this is a week to celebrate and inspire others to join you.”

There are soooo many things we can do, and sooo many ways to get involved.  All it takes is a bit of time — and a big heart!

A few ideas for you:

  • Smile at or wave to a stranger
  • Hand a cold drink to a police officer directing traffic
  • Compliment a parent on how well-behaved his/her child is
  • Defend someone who’s being unfairly bashed on the internet
  • Put your phone away when you’re at dinner or having a conversation
  • Compliment an employee to his/her boss
  • Donate that bag of clothing items that you really didn’t want to part with yet…
  • Let a person with just a few items check out in front of you at the store
  • Write a thank you note on paper – the snail mail kind – and send it!
  • Give an unexpected gratuity to an employee who’s gone above and beyond for you
  • Write a nice comment on a random blog
  • Say thank you to a postal carrier
  • Give a tip to a janitor because the cleanliness is appreciated and made your day
  • Buy an extra umbrella and give it to someone in need when it’s raining
  • Do something nice and remain anonymous!
  • Buy lemonade from kids’ lemonade stands – and compliment them (always)
  • Change your phone’s alert ringtone to Temple Bells, and every time the bell chimes, state something for which you are grateful (Jana Sheeder calls these bells, “Gratitude Bells“)

Here’s a real-life example from yesterday:

We were inspecting private yacht charter vessels at the inaugural Superyacht Miami Show, when I noticed our company President, Jana Sheeder, bent over picking something up on the docks.  A few minutes later, I saw her do it again.  I asked her what she was doing, and she proceeded to lay a handful of objects out on the dock for us to see.  It was small items of debris – a used book of matches, some plastic, a metal bolt, and more. “Any of these objects could end up in the water, possibly harming the marine environment or adding to our problems with plastic pollution at sea.  It only took a couple of moments to stop and pick these items up and try to make a difference.

Miscellaneous trash items found on dock of yacht marina laid out on the top of a metal dock box

Suddenly, I found myself looking down as I walked along the dock, hoping I too could “chip in” and do my small part…   Generosity and kindness are contagious, and it feels so good to do random things for others and for our community!

Need a little more motivation to jump feet-first into Random Act of Kindness Week?  Sign the online “Kindness Pledge,” and you’ll be on your way to inspire others to do their part in making a kinder world for everyone.

SIGN the pledge here:

We’d love to hear your suggestions of Random Acts of Kindness. Please leave them in the comments section for others to follow your lead in kind acts!

Have a kinder, generous week everyone…  Thank you for making a difference and for being the change with us!

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Seabirds Eating Plastic At Alarming Rate

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The National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America has released a disturbing study detailing the threat of plastic pollution in the ocean, and its impact on seabirds.  Plastic trash is found in 90 percent of seabirds. The rate is growing steadily as global production of plastics increases.

According to the Academy, the “Threat of plastic pollution to seabirds is global, pervasive, and increasing.”

seabird surrounded by plastic and trash in yacht charter destination

The areas of impact facing the greatest threats are the southern boundary of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans.

Plastic found inside birds includes bottle caps, plastic shopping bags, and tiny pieces the size of rice that have been broken down by the sun and waves.

After reading the study’s abstract, Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters commented on the health impact facing the seabirds.  “Living along the coast of South Florida, I have seen the small plastic pieces of plastic that wash up into our mangroves and our shoreline,” says Sheeder.  “The wildlife rescue groups that we support tell us sharp-edged plastic pieces can kills birds by punching holes in their internal organs. Some seabirds eat so much plastic, there is little room in their stomachs for food.  Lack of food affects their body weight and jeopardizes their health.”

Sheeder echoes the concerns of scientists and environmentalists:  “At current levels, virtually every seabird will be consuming plastic by 2050.  If we don’t address this issue, we are looking at a major contributing factor to the possible extinction of many seabird species. We can’t let that happen.”  

Sheeder feels her yachting industry can do more in terms of effective waste management to reduce the threat.  “Almost all of the yachts we represent for private yacht charter vacations have the onboard capability to generate fresh drinking water. Now, when our clients request plastic bottled water to be placed onboard prior to their charter, we encourage them to forgo plastic and drink the yacht’s purified water.” 

In lieu of plastic water bottles, Sheeder even offers her clients complimentary reusable beverage containers.

Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters poses with garbage bag during bay cleanup

Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters, cleaning plastic and debris from coastline near her home in South Florida


Sheeder is confident the tide can be turned. “While the report by the National Academy of Sciences paints a grim future, it also points out that effective waste management can reduce the threat.  Protecting our future means preserving the marine environment and promoting responsibility onboard our yachts, in the seas, and along our shores.”

Sheeder further comments, “Everyone can do something.  Even just one thing every day.  It’s not hard to take that extra moment to help another. Sadly, so many prefer just to stick their heads in the sand rather than being role models and making a difference.”

She encourages others to:

  • Be the change and leave all areas better than you found them
  • Pick up trash
  • Properly dispose of your own trash
  • Give back to the environment, to animals, and to others
  • Practice random acts of kindness to people, animals, your community, and the environment
  • Show your #Gratitude for the beauty of the wildlife and joy that they give you by protecting them
  • Use reusable totebags (versus plastic shopping bags) and be a 1-800 Yacht Charters Eco Hero!

Calling all eco heroes!   Comment on this post and include your email address,  and we will contact you to send you your own customized totebag so that you can be an #ecohero with us!

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Thank You For Your Generosity

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Today, September 15, 2016 is National Thank You Day.  It strikes us that something so ubiquitous creates the perfect opportunity to reach out to you, our clients and friends, and express our appreciation.


Fountain pen with writing of words, Thank you

Your continued patronage and confidence in our services is deeply appreciated.

We remind ourselves everyday how blessed we are to Deliver the Superyacht Experience to you and your families.

Over the years, we have witnessed how you are driven by sustainability and the greater social good.  We’ve come to learn that your chartered yacht serves as a platform to an eco-friendly adventure – a chance to reconnect with your family and friends, embrace diverse cultures, and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

Most importantly, we are humbled by your kindness.  You have fully embraced our mission to build our business for generosity.  As we have made donations to charities around the world in your name, we  never expected so many of you to further participate and add, and in many cases match, our donations with additional donations of your own…


You are the backbone of the 1-800 Yacht Charter community. Your support helps us flourish, and in return, we have been able to touch the lives of so many people and animals in need –  from helping school children’s charities in remote villages, to installing buoys to protect coral reefs and marine life.


Little girl smiling at camera - seated at table for meal at school

Our vision statement is, and remains simple:  Charter a Yacht And Change the World.  Thank you for never letting us lose sight of that dream…

As we end each of our email messages, we’ll close this blog with our standard valediction,

“With Appreciation…”


Find out how much better a yacht charter company can be! Put our +35 years’ expertise, passion for yachting, and compelling sense of purpose to work for you. Come enjoy The Superyacht Experience as only 1-800 Yacht Charters can deliver.


Thanks to WFP and photo of little girl in Bolivia by Boris Heger.

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What’s Open Memorial Day Weekend?  Plenty to Do on 3-Day Newport Yacht Charter

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In 1971, Memorial Day became a federal holiday in the USA, and was given the floating date of the “last Monday in May” to create a 3-day long weekend. While non-essential government offices and banks are closed on Memorial Day, most commercial and tourism-related venues are open, as Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial kickoff for the summer vacation season.  MOST public beaches, state and national parks, sports venues, restaurants, amusement parks, dockside cafes, boardwalks, and public marinas are all open.

For many boaters, especially those folks in #NewEngland, #MemorialDay weekend is also the first opportunity to enjoy warmer weather at sea. Many of the private yacht charter vessels we represent arrive in Newport, Rhode Island by late May to accept 3-night bookings over the Memorial day weekend.

Marthas Vineyard private yacht marina boardwalk

It’s amazing how much boating activity you can pack into a long weekend in New England. Arriving at noon in Newport, you can be underway for a short cruise to Martha’s Vineyard and arrive in time for sunset and cocktails on your superyacht’s sundeck. On Saturday, you can spend the day exploring the island, as well as some time swimming and enjoying your yacht’s water toys (waverunners, stand-up paddleboards, sup’s, glass bottomed kayaks, wakeboards, jet skis, etc.).

[Special note:  MANY New England crewed yacht charter vessels have installed projection screens on deck so guests can enjoy an open-air movie night under the stars!]


Superyacht cinema projection screen on sun deck

A short cruise to Nantucket island early Sunday morning will give you most of the day to explore this famous island. Explore the lighthouses, rent a scooter and circle the island, or visit the whaling museum or the #Nantucket #Vineyard and Distillery – there’s too much to do!

Leave Monday for your return to Newport and enjoying all this beautiful seaside town has to offer. Shopping is superb in Newport – from jewelry to art to anything with a #nautical theme.  Most of the shops are open on Memorial Day.

For active charterers, we suggest walking or riding a bike along the 3-mile Cliff Walk, which separates Newport’s famous turn-of-the-century mansions from the sea.  Many of the mansions are also open for public tours, including the #Breakers, the #Elms, and #Rosecliff.  These are not to be missed!

3 mansions on an oceanside cliff



Whatever plans you have for Memorial Day weekend, remember to spend a few moments to be grateful to and remember those who bravely gave their lives in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. #gratitude


Click here to learn more about planning your very own Superyacht Experience.

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