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Greece – Perfect Bareboat Destination

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Greece photo. Picture taken from the water. There is a beige mountain with a temple on top of it, and below and to the right, is a sailboat at anchor, on a bareboat vacation.

Greece.  The perfect vacation.  Ideal for yacht charter.  Although it is great to escape the cold weather for a few days with a Caribbean yacht charter, the exotic calls. For instance, you want to experience new and different locations.  But where?  Greece is the word.   (See what we did there?)

Just imagine.  Summer vacation.  School’s out.  The kids are home for several weeks.  The chance to bask in the sun for an extended stay is the epitome of total relaxation beckons.  You want to show the kids an exotic destination.  One with education combined with family time.  .

Nowhere is the idea of extended rest and relaxation more evident than in the Greek islands. Here, in the ancient land of the Gods, it sometimes seems as if time stands still.

A Greek yacht charter adventure features a wide array of itineraries with a heavy emphasis on the sheer pleasure of sailing in a locale so steeped in history and yet so amenable to the sailor looking for all the luxuries and convenience of the modern world.

The shimmering waters, superlative beaches, and intriguing towns and villages make Greece a must-visit summer destination.

If you are ready to enjoy the magical beauty of a charter in Greece and the Greek Isles, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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