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3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Greener Sail Boat Charters

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Green travel habits to reduce carbon footprint and live green

Much attention has been focused on the efforts of the superyacht industry to embrace sustainability and green building practices.  But what about the travelers – the people who rent, for example, a private yacht for a Virgin Islands yacht charter holiday?

How can they contribute to furthering the cause of green, eco-friendly vacations?

It’s not hard, and taking a “green approach” to vacations goes hand-in-hand with being a responsible traveler. With a little effort, charter passengers can help reduce the negative environmental impact on the places they visit.

Green travel begins with the understanding and respect for the cruising destination’s culture and an effort to bring benefit the local economy.

Here’s the best part – you do not have to pay more to go green!   Let’s look at three simple ways to travel greener on your next sailing vacation:

1.  Save Energy
a)  Re-use towels and linens during your charter.  The crews on most yachts constantly scramble to change and clean towels and linens throughout a week-long charter.  After all, they are dedicated to the highest level of customer service.  Simply tell your crew that you are willing to reuse your towels and bed linens more than once or twice during your stay.  It is estimated this simple act can save 5 percent on utilities!

Another simple way to travel greener is to b)  turn off the air conditioning and lights in your cabin when leaving the room.

2.  Reduce Carbon Output
Consider planning a trip that will reduce carbon emissions. Sometimes it is as simple as considering the distance from the arrival airport to your awaiting yacht.  Ask your crew if there is a marina or sandy beach close to the airport.  If there is, you can save the cost of a taxi and the related carbon emissions of the vehicle.

For example, many people arriving for a charter in Tortola, BVI will first fly into St. Thomas, USVI, take a 30 minute taxi to the ferry docks, ride a ferry to Tortola, and take another taxi to a marina – where their yacht and crew await.  As a green alternative, you can fly to Beef Island airport in Tortola, adjacent to a large, sandy beach. Your crew can take a dinghy up to the beach to pick you up, and you can literally walk over from the airport!

3.  Support the Local Economy
You can easily travel greener by learning about the culture, food, and environment of the places you visit. Prior to your charter, ask your crew to cook using native cuisine versus foods and goods that need to be shipped in.  When going ashore to shop and sightsee, buy souvenirs and handmade crafts that benefit the local community over imported goods. Do not purchase souvenirs made from local endangered animals or plants.

To be green on your yacht charter, be sure to support the local economy

Remember, responsible travel habits will reduce the negative environmental impact on the places you visit long after you and your sailing companions have returned home.


Do you have any tips to share on how to travel and cruise by yacht with less of an environmental impact?  Contact us with your suggestions at now.

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43 Meter Charter Sailboat to Circle the Globe

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Luxury sailboat cruising rent a sailboat charter vela luxury sailing yacht charter

The odyssey of a lifetime is about to unfold, and luxury sailing charter clients are invited along for the ride.

The 43 meter sail yacht CLEAR EYES is ready to embark upon a 19-month journey, and sail around the world.  Charter reservations are being accepted for all legs of the journey, from 7 night traditional Virgin Islands yacht charter holidays, to multi-week open ocean passages.

sailing yacht charter sailboat yachts luxury sailboat rent a yacht bvi virgin islands yacht charter world tour turkey curacao aruba south africa fiji

Starting and ending in Bodrum, Turkey, the voyage will take passengers and crew to the Canary Islands, Curacao, Aruba, San Blas, Panama, Galapagos, Gambier, Tahiti, Niue, Tonga, Fiji, Darwin, Bali, Mauritius, South Africa, St. Helena, Ascension Island, Cabo Verde and Malta. See beautiful islands, experience vibrant local culture and interact with people from around the world in their own environment.

caribbean sailboat charter bvi luxury sailing yacht world charter sailboat vela Malta St. Helena Ascencion Aruba

Launched in 2010, sail yacht CLEAR EYES offers a spacious interior, and comfortably accommodates up to 10 guests in five cabins.  Rates from €65,000 per week, plus all expenses.


Looking for a greener vacation?  Learn 3 simple ways to enjoy a earth-friendly sailboat vacation at

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New Eco-Friendly Superyacht Decor Does Not Smell Fishy

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Green trend in yachts: Salmon Skin Upholstery

As the trend for Ultra-Green yachts continues, comes news of a decor option that smells a little fishy to us – salmon skin upholstery!

 Let’s face it, fuel-guzzling luxury mega yacht charter vessels are hardly synonymous with eco-friendly modes of transportation.  Still, a growing number of yacht owners are taking steps to protect our oceans and build or refit their vessels to be a bit more “green.”

The latest of these is the use of salmon skin upholstery, touted as an environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free decor option, suitable for superyacht interiors. The German company, Salmo Leather GmbH, is the leader in this business, creating leathers from the skins of salmon raised on certified organic fish-farms in Ireland.With an appearance quite similar to snakeskin, salmon leather can be enjoyed guilt-free, in contrast to leathers from endangered species.

The company has named the product “Nanai” – an homage to the salmon skin tanning techniques and traditions of the Eastern Siberian Nanai people who have fished salmon on the Amur river for thousands of years.

With its unsurpassed strength and versatility, coupled with its multi-dimensional character and wide variety of color choices, the possibilities nanai has to offer is only limited by the designer’s imagination. Having been certified for its remarkable tear and tensile strength and for its seam resistance, nanai is just as suitable for exquisite interior decorating and furnishing on virgin islands yacht charter vessels as it is for luxury handbags. The Stuart Weitzman Handbags Spring/Summer Collection 2011 features nanai on four of its new handbag models.
Since the skins are a by-product of the salmon industry, the fish are not specifically killed for their hides.
Nanai is referred to by her creators as, “a model of ethical elegance.”  Let’s hope we see more and more yacht owners and builders turning to this and other sustainable building and design materials.


Click to charter an eco-friendly yacht. Our charter experts can help you select a vessel operated with sustainable onboard amenities and supplies. 

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