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Just Chillin’ –  Expedition Yacht LEGEND Sets Antarctica Yacht Charter Schedule for 2017

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Jan Verkerk owns the 253-foot Icon motor yacht LEGEND.  She is accepting reservations in Antarctica for the season.  Specifically, from January 17 through February 18.


This incredible yacht is from 1973.   Icon expedition yacht LEGEND underwent a complete rebuild in 2015.   She is the only luxury yacht charter ice-breaker vessel in the world.

Legend motoryacht night lighting



This is Verkerk’s second superyacht restoration project.  His other is highly popular 228 foot motor yacht SHERAKHAN.  She is a star in the Mediterranean charter market.

Active charterers will delight in the opportunities for adventure offered on M/Y LEGEND.  With accommodations for 26 guests, and space to carry a helicopter and a submarine, the possibilities for cold-weather adventure are endless. Of course, Verkerk made certain to include the mandatory superyacht amenities as well: gymnasium, Balinese spa, sauna, beauty salon, movie theater and swimming pool.   There’s even a medical suite, for any emergencies.

After spending a few weeks in Antarctica, the yacht will head to Greenland for the summer charter season.

If you’re intrigued to step away from your traditional Caribbean charter vacation this summer, let us deliver the superyacht experience to you, your family, and friends in the last great frontier on earth – Antarctica…



In conclusion, for yacht charter pricing information and availability for motoryacht LEGEND or any other superyacht, contact us today.  The 1-800 Yacht Charters team stands ready for your inquiry. 

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Plus All – Understanding The True Cost Of A Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation

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Photograph of superyacht crew in white outfits and standing at ease around owners of yacht who are wearing black. Man seated and woman in black dress standing over him. Crew in a v-formation around them.



One of the most common questions posed to charter brokers is, “What does, ‘plus all expenses’ mean?  A very fair question.  It is critical to understand the implications.  In specific, since the cost to enjoy a Mediterranean yacht charter holiday, for example, is more than expected. For instance, based on prices posted on most charter brokers’ websites.


Superyachts are the large, ultra-luxurious vessels that we associate with cruising. Specifically, the Côte d’Azur in the South of France in Monte Carlo for Monaco Grand Prix yacht charters.  These yachts set a rate for the rental of the yacht and the crew.  In addition, they list the price as, “plus running expenses.”  This means that the charterer pays a set price for the yacht.  Additionally, the charterer is responsible to cover ALL costs associated with the operation of the yacht while the charterer and his/her guests are onboard.

Typical running expenses incurred during a charter are food, beverages, dockage, and fuel. 


It depends first, upon the size of the yacht and second, the charterer’s penchant for elaborate menus. In addition, extended cruising and vintage alcohols.  These running expenses can vary greatly from yacht to yacht. Furthermore, from charterer to charterer. 
You might ask
“When and how do you pay for these expenses, especially since it is hard to itemize them prior to the conclusion of the trip?” 

APA – Advance Provisioning Allowance

The Advance Provisioning Allowance, or “APA” for short, is a deposit.  Specifically, it is paid by the charterer.  The yacht skipper collects this prior to the commencement of a superyacht holiday.  These funds are held by the skipper.  They are dispersed during the course of the charter. Further, they cover the ongoing running expenses as they occur.
During the charter, the captain provides a running account of the usage of the funds.  At the conclusion of the voyage, the captain presents an itemized accounting of expenses to the charterer.  In addition, a refund of any unused funds.


An APA balance sometimes runs low during the charter.  The client then provides the captain a sufficient amount in cash to cover the needs for the remainder of the charter.  Many charterers prefer not to carry quantities of cash.  The charter broker holds additional funds and releases them.  Usually via bank wire transfer, to the captain as needed.  

Before you book your yacht charter, ask your broker for a solid estimate of the running expenses that might be incurred. Your broker takes into account the food and beverage preferences you request, along with how much cruising you wish to do (which will determine the amount, and anticipated cost, of fuel needed), to create an estimate of your expenses.  


There are numerous variables to estimating running expenses.  The computation is best tabulated by your broker and the yacht’s skipper.  For instance, depending upon local market availability in your desired cruising ground, food prices may vary greatly from your hometown.  Dockage can range from no fees when anchored away from shore.  The dockage can run to thousands of dollars per day, when docked at exclusive marinas.  For special events, like Cannes Film Festival yacht charters, dockage can run two to three times the standard rate.   Fuel costs are important to estimate as well. As such, they skyrocket depending upon how fast and how far you cruise.


Fuel is also charged for the yacht’s generators when not connected to shore power. In addition, for tenders and water toys.  You pay for the fuel used while zipping around on the waverunners. 



As a general rule of thumb, the APA requested for sailing yachts is approx 20% of the yacht’s listed charter price.  On the contrary, motoryacht average APA jumps to 30-40%.  

Sample anticipated total cost of a proposed Italian yacht charter vacation. Specifically, for a fictitious client and nine guests for one week on a 180 foot Trinity yacht charter vessel. 

Motor Yacht Rental                                          € 350,000
Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)*        122,500
Total Cost                                                          472,500
*estimated at 35% by the charter broker after discussing the charterer’s preferences as to food, drinks, and desired itinerary. Many exclusive alcohols and food items….lots of cruising costs to visit multiple destinations.


A question often asked about is the “optional”  crew gratuity. Gratuities for exceptional service are routine in the charter industry.  Charterers believing in tipping should budget for this optional expense.  


For a glimpse of the newest yachts available for hire, check out our website.  Visit 1-800 Yacht Charters online at

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Private Jet With Luxury Yacht Charter

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Profile photograph of a silver yacht. There is a mountain behind the yacht. It is at anchor.


As the global recession continues to spread, the mega yacht charter marketplace is looking for creative ways to entice luxury yacht charter customers.


Consider the offer by the owner of motoryacht 4H. Reserve this yacht for a one week or longer Mediterranean yacht charter holiday. Subsequently, the owner will throw in his private jet to transport you to and from your charter destination.

The Challenger 604 private jet can accommodate 8 to 10 passengers. Transportation is offered to and from any major European metropolis, directly to an airfield near the yacht.



Upon arrival, you and your travel companions will enjoy the comforts of motoryacht 4H, a brand new 38.5 meter San Lorenzo luxury yacht.  She features “sea terraces” on both sides of the main salon. In addition, in the master cabin and gym, as well.  Her 007-James Bond-like lifting gull-wing doors on the bridge deck make her a showstopper.



Motoryacht 4H is available for a Mediterranean yacht charter.  Her weekly rate is €110,000, plus all running expenses (items such as food, fuel, dockage, and bar).




For destination and itinerary suggestions and further information, contact 1800YACHTCHARTER at or visit

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Superyacht Offers Deep Discount for Off-Season Italy Yacht Charter Vacation

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As they say, Good things come to those who wait. 

In the case of #Benetti yacht #ULYSSES, a more timely saying is, “You snooze…you lose!

To encourage some pre-season charters before the summer crowds arrive in the Mediterranean, 1-800 Yacht Charters has announced deep discounts in the weekly charter rate for Super yacht ULYSSES, now (April) through May, 2016 in Italy, #Monaco, and the South of France.

The charter rate has been slashed from €255,000 per week down to €200,000 per week – a savings of 22%.

Superyacht Ulysses Benetti with black hull


The black hull and cool beige superstructure of 183 foot Benetti superyacht is striking.  Her size imposes, but she is inviting in layout and amenities.  Indeed, her exterior is modern and unique in design.  Her Stefano Natucci interior is majestic.  The yacht features classical decorations. For instance, marble artworks, chandeliers, and rare pictures.  Her decor melds Renaissance and Baroque. It also features a few subtle touches of Gothic Art.



Entering the saloon, you can admire an antique grand piano hand-crafted by Steinway & Sons over 100 years ago. Don’t worry if no one in your charter party knows how to play – the piano has been fitted with a digital controller,  allowing it to play Tchaikovsky, Chopin, or even a more contemporary tune.

Salon of superyacht Ulysses in red ones with gold highlights


A maximum 12 guests are accommodated in 6 staterooms. The Master Suite is situated on the main deck and features an office, hairdressing salon, and en suite bathroom with adjacent steam room.  Completing the massive suite is a private observation lounge, looking forward.  A VIP Stateroom is located on the upper deck to starboard (right), and offers a panoramic view of the sea. Four guest staterooms are located on the lower deck and feature two twin cabins and two double cabins.


Guests can dine at one of three dining tables, each accommodating up to 12 guests. #Formal meals can be served at the dining table in the main salon, while casual affairs can be plated on the covered aft deck, or al fresco on the sun deck.



  • Outdoor cinema for evening movies under the stars
  • Sun deck with wet bar and open-air hot tub encased in sun cushions
  • Interior deck #elevator
  • Lots of recreational #watersports toys (waverunners, paddleboards, etc.)

Ulysses superyacht deck that doubles as a cinema











A Special Events discount is also available for a Cannes Film Festival yacht charter and/or a #MonacoGrandPrix yacht charter.   For special events, Ulysses’ discounted rate is €255,000 per week, reduced from the regular event rate of €280,000 per week.



Hurry – Select high season #rentayacht dates in July and August are still available on this and other similar #superyachts!  For further information, contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters team by email at or call our 24 hour hotline at 305-720-7245.

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WHO KNEW?  Spielberg Rejected Twice to Direct James Bond Movies

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Recently, we told our readers that Hollywood icon Steven Spielberg had put his spectacular Monaco yacht charter vessel up for sale.  The Spielberg yacht SEVEN SEAS is scheduled to be replaced with an even larger vessel.

In a, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” kind of way, we thought this would be fun.  We want to look at an interesting tie-in between Spielberg and the James Bond movie franchise. Obviously Spielberg loves yachts.  James Bond movies correlate to fast, luxurious yachts.  In fact, there are several yachts named in honor of Bond films and currently available for private yacht charter  – yachts like OCTOPUSSY and CASINO ROYALE.


James Bond 007 movie The Living Daylights scene on yacht deck - Timothy Dalton - Belle Avery Kell Tyler in black bikini


So, back to the tie-in between Spielberg and Bond.

Did you know that Steven Spielberg Was Twice Rejected to Direct a James Bond Film??!!!

Yep, it’s true.

Spielberg makes no secret of his affinity for the Bond film franchise.  He desires to, and is a top choice, to direct a Bond movie.






It turns out that he had two opportunities to pitch longtime Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli.  On both occasions, Broccoli said NO.

According to Broccoli’s daughter, Barbara (who took over the production reigns after her father’s death), a young, relatively unknown Spielberg made his first directorial pitch to her father early in his career.  Broccoli was impressed by the young director’s passion, but felt he lack the experience to helm a major title like Bond.

Barbara said her father told Spielberg, “Kid, ya gotta get some more films under your belt.



steven spielberg standing behind a podium in front of Schindler's List writing on wall


After Spielberg released one of his best-reviewed films, ‘Schindler’s List,’ he sent a letter to Broccoli asking again if he could direct a Bond movie. Barbara says her father once again turned down Spielberg, this time saying, “Now I can’t afford you!

It’s safe to say things turned out ok for Mr. Spielberg.  He’s directed over a dozen blockbuster films, and  when not in use by Academy Award-winning director and his family, his yacht SEVEN SEAS is available for hire in the Mediterranean at a price of $1.2 million per week…




Interested in a yachting vacation this winter in the warm waters of the Caribbean?  Contact us at and tell us your preferences!  We look forward to planning The Superyacht Experience for you.


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