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iPhone App Creates Custom Itineraries On The Fly

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Photograph of 3 smartphone screens next to each other.  Each screen shows a different page of a smartphone travel app. The first screen shows the selection choices for deciding where to go. The second screen shows a photo. The third screen shows a map.

Yahoo Time Traveler App

Tired of spending layovers in an airport?  Yahoo! now offers an app for iPhone users that lets you create custom itineraries based on your location and amount of time you have to spend.
Yahoo! TimeTraveler™ creates on-the-fly time-based itineraries with a selection of popular points of interest.
You are on your way to enjoy a Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation.  The flight from New York is delayed for 4 hours for mechanical issues. Just open the app and type in your location.  Yahoo! TimeTraveler™ will show you what you can see and do around The Big Apple in 4 hours.
With just a few clicks, Yahoo! TimeTraveler™ helps you find the most popular places.  You save the info for easy access while on the go.  You can also publish your itinerary online to share with friends and family.
Yahoo! TimeTraveler™ is available on iTunes


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Must Have Gadget for your Luxury Yacht Charter

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You are going on a luxury yacht charter vacation in a few months, and you want to bring your iPod.  You worry that it may end up in the ocean or that water will damage it, though.  NO WORRIES!


Introducing the AquaTunes, America’s favorite waterproof radio pouch for use onboard yacht charters.  It works with cd players, mp3 players, iPods, and cassette players. It is designed to be used underwater by snorkelers or by any other watersports enthusiast who enjoys listening to music, radio, or books on tape in the water!  (Note:  This is a great gift to give to anyone who is headed on a St. Barts yacht charter or a charter boat in Turkey!) 


Photograph of Aqua Tunes by Aqua Gear

Aqua Tunes

So on your crewed catamaran charter or bareboat sailboat adventure, remember to bring your AquaTunes to enjoy your iPod and iTunes on your private yacht!



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