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Charter Sail Yacht ON LIBERTY Draws Raves

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Yachting World magazine cover with photo of sailboat On Liberty on it.

It’s one thing to hear a charter broker tell you the sailboat you are considering for your St. Marten yacht charter is a great performance vessel with plenty of creature comforts.  More reassuring are the critical comments of a seasoned sailor who has been onboard while the yacht is underway.

There’s no substitute for a hands-on review of a yacht’s performance under sail.

Recently, sailing journalist Toby Hodge had the opportunity to join the luxury sailing  charter vessel Oyster 575 ON LIBERTY for a 220 nautical mile passage from Palma, Mallorca to Cartagena, Spain.  Hodge’s review appeared between the covers of the February 2011 issue of Yachting World magazine.

ON LIBERTY is a new entry into the charter market. Her pure hull lines will ensure this yacht is a fast passage maker.  Imagine planning a Virgin Islands yacht charter holiday on a blue water cruiser with exhilarating performance.

But hey – no need to take our word – read some of Toby Hodge’s comments:

“The 575 proved easy to handle…She’s another slippery yacht…with an easy motion that will be greatly appreciated at sea”

“Thanks to the twin wheels, the helmsman has unhindered views forward from both sides and I love what happens when you go through waves – nothing – she’s as well mannered as a royal butler.”

“Oyster has a winning recipe for internal layouts, thanks to the center cockpit which creates sumptuous aft cabins, large passageway or U-shaped galleys and spacious saloons set low down to maintain privacy, but enjoying plenty of daylight from the coach roof windows.”


ON LIBERTY is available this spring in the Caribbean at a weekly rate of $14,000 for 4 passengers, inclusive of food and non-alcoholic beverages.  This summer, the yacht will be based in the Western Mediterranean and offered for a rate of €11000 per week, plus all expenses.


To charter this yacht, click HERE  right now.  Hurry!    She is brand new and is already VERY popular! 

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Dubois Sailing Charter Vessels Win Awards

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Award-winning sailboat designer Ed Dubois photograph. It is just his head, and he is smiling at the camera.


Envision the World Superyacht Awards 2011’s runaway sweep of every major sailing yacht category.   



Ed Dubois and his team of designers at Dubois Naval Architects, Ltd. historical award-winning night.  Winners of the coveted Neptune Trophy in five categories, including Sailing Yacht of the Year, as a result.









  • Sailing YACHT of the YEAR – 49.7 meter Fitzroy sloop sail yacht ZEFIRA
  • BEST Sailing Yacht over 45 meters – sail yacht ZEFIRA
  • BEST Sailing Yacht from 30 to 44.99 meters:  Alloy sloop sail yacht IMAGINE   
  • Judges’ SPECIAL Award:  58.40 meter Alloy sloop sail yacht KOKOMO


  • Judges’ COMMENDATION:  57.5 meter Royal Huisman ketch sail yacht TWIZZLE

Dubois sailboat photo from the back. Yacht name is Twizzle,. Photo of her under sail. Sun shining brightly overhead















Sailboat KOKOMO, Best Sailing Yacht over 40 meters at the 20th annual International Superyacht Society Design Awards in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is no stranger to awards.  Above all, the accolades just keep accumulating.



Dubois speaks of Kokomo, a Mediterranean yacht charter vessel, as,

“…quite simply, the most advanced yacht of her type in the world today.”


Sail yacht TWIZZLE was our “Yacht of the Week.”  She is the first Dubois-designed sailing superyacht to be built at the Royal Huisman Shipyard and at 57.5m, therefore, the largest Dubois-designed ketch built to-date.

Founded in 1977, Dubois Naval Architects has been at the center of world yacht design for many years.  As a result, the team seems superbly adept at creating yachts well-suited for sail boat charters. Saturday’s clean sweep of all major categories is a testament to the company’s ability to partner great design and excellence in naval architecture.
Sailing yachts win awards, plain and simple Dubois-designed mega yacht charter vessels include 54.30 meter Alloy sail yacht TIARA, 51.70 meter Alloy sail yacht RED DRAGON, and 37 meter sail Yachting Developments sail yacht, BLISS.


at and enjoy the tranquility of a sailing holiday!

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How to Bypass Crowded Marinas For London Olympics Yacht Charters

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Graphic of London Olympics 2012 logo. Version has Olympic rings at top, Tower of London, Ferris Wheel, Big Ben, London Bridge drawings in center to match the colors of the rings, and the words, London 2012, with colorful ribbon entwined in letters and numbers


We posted a blog about the high demand for berths in the heart of London during the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games.  We then wondered about convenient alternative locations for superyacht dockage. 





YAY!  There is an excellent port facility away from the crowded downtown London docks. It has good deepwater berths. It is also easy to arrange helicopter access into the heart of London from here.

Portland Port is ready to roll out the red carpet for luxury yacht charter vessels this summer, and might just become this year’s megayacht hotspot, with multiple deep water berths and anchorages available.

Photograph of Portland Port in the UK

Portland Deepwater Port



There is a special bonus.  Portland Port is host to the Olympic and Paralympics sailing races.

It is situated at the end of a peninsula off the Dorset coast.  This port is an ideal location to enjoy Olympic sailing events. It is also great for escaping the crowded Royal docks near downtown London. Charterers heading for stadium events can avoid the Thames River from here. They can shuttle via helicopter from Dorset into the heart of London.




Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters and 1-800 Yacht Charters expounds on the advantages of docking in Portland, especially for large sailboats. 

“Because of height restrictions, some large luxury sailing charter vessels are unable to cruise down the Thames.  Portland is an excellent alternative for these sailboats.  Our team will partner with local port authorities to offer the ultimate in luxury packages including helicopter transport to and from Olympic events.”



Portland Port offers multiple deep water berths suitable for vessels over 24m LOA, and also serves as an excellent stop-over destination between popular locations such as Falmouth, the Solent, and the Isle of Wight. The pretty, traditional seaside town of Weymouth is only 15 minutes away by taxi.


Photograph of the sunset shining through the rocks of Stonehenge. The sky is orange, and the grass is rich green.



The prospect of using Portland as a gateway to adventure has Sheeder beaming. 

“Attending the Olympic Games while enjoying a yachting-based vacation will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our clients. By using Portland as a base, charterers will not only have easy access to the Games, but also be at the gateway for exploring nearby sites like Stonehenge, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bath, and the Jurassic Coast.”



It’s not too late to arrange a yachting holiday this summer in London.  Contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters special events team at for details on planning your London Olympics yacht charter.

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Hurricane Spoils Race, but Party Goes On

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Photograph of a sailboat underway. The boat has a shiny dark blue hull and white superstructure.


A dozen or so Mediterranean yacht charter vessels prepare. It is time for the regatta in Sardinia.  At the same time, another race is canceled abruptly due to the threat of a hurricane.



Nevertheless, preparations in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia continue.  A fleet of Perini Navi yachts are poised to compete in the Perini Navi Cup.  During this time, race organizers of the 25th annual Newport Bucket Regatta are busy.  The race is August 25 – 28, 2011, and Hurricane Irene had other ideas.  As a result, they called off Saturday’s main event as Hurricane Irene arrived.  



The actual race was cancelled.  The unfettered spirit and camaraderie shone on.  Equally important, the big post race party, known as “The Bash,”  is a go.  It shifted by one night, from Saturday, to Friday. 



On Wednesday, the yacht captains in the Newport Bucket Regatta had a meeting.  Specifically, Peter Craig and bucket director Hank Halsted were there   Consensus determined that Hurricane Irene’s threat made race cancellation the only choice.  Transitioning from race mode to storm mode for a superyacht is extremely time-consuming.  The decision was finally made to safeguard the yachts and their crews.



In spite of preparing for the storm, some owners and their families and guests are ready.  They plan to enjoy the gala Bucket Bash at the Newport Shipyard. The Bash will feature all the food and festivities planned for the special 25th Anniversary Celebration.



In like fashion, the Texas Legends Airshow, was also canceled. It was held in conjunction with the Bucket and sponsored each year by the owner of the yacht, Tenacious.  All eyes look ahead to the 2012 Newport Bucket Regatta!


Chartering a sailboat for the a regatta is a unique experience. It is filled with excitement and fun.  There are dozens of friendly regattas around the world.  Contact 1-800 Yacht Charters HERE 
for more regatta information.

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Is a Perini Navi Yacht Charter in Your Future?

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Perini Navi sailboat aerial photograph. Yacht is coming toward the lower left side of the photo. She has 3 sails deployed and full. Her white sails have both vertical and horizontal lines through them, which are reflections from the masts of the yacht.

We share information with readers in our blog the key reasons to consider a sailing yacht for their next yachting holiday.  Several customers agree.  They love that sailboats offer a tranquil, more relaxing experience than a cruise on a motoryacht.

Just as there are “brand” aficionados with powerboats, it turns out the sail yacht enthusiasts have a favorite manufacturer as well:  Perini Navi.

The Perini Navi Group builds superyachts under two specific brand names: Perini Navi for the sail boat division, and Picchiotti for the motor yacht division. Founded in 1983, Perini Navi Group has operations in five market sectors:

  • Large sailing yachts that range from 40 to 60 meters
  • Large sailing yachts over 60 meters and custom projects
  • A racing line of sailing yachts
  • A fast cruising line of sailing yachts
  • Picchiotti motor yachts from the Vitruvius® series

It is in Viareggio, Italy, where the world’s premier brand of sail yacht projects are draw, developed and constructed.

From master Italian craftsmen, to the use of the finest materials and amenities, these sailing vessels have garnered critical acclaim, and a dedicated following of repeat charter customers.
Over a dozen yachts by this storied manufacture are available in the luxury sailing charter marketplace.  Among the standout vessels are sail yacht MALTESE FALCON, sail yacht MELEK, sail yacht SALUTE, and sail yacht PANTHALASSA.  


Do you have a favorite brand of sailing yacht?  Contact us at and tell us which manufacturer you like and why their yachts are the best for charter.

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Wonderful time sailing in the Caribbean

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Wonderful time sailing in the Caribbean. We were very happy with our sailing charter onboard (82′) CLEVELANDER. The charter went very well and we are interested to hear about Clevelander’s summer cruising area in Croatia. Capt. Simon was great! Thank you for directing us to Clevelander!

Name: M.R.

Wonderful time sailing. Profile photograph of sailboat Clevelander, under sail.  She is headed toward the left side of the photo.  Her hull is dark blue, and her superstructure is white.  The sail is white with a large red angled design on it. The sail is full and is bulging toward the photo.


Reviews like this one make us so thrilled to create The Superyacht Experience™ for our clients.  In business since 1976, and loving every minute of it.  There is no better feeling that happy customers. Helping others to make memories.  Making a difference with charitable donations with every charter. Giving back.  Random Acts of Kindness.  Special touches on charter.

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