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Caribbean Closes Ports To Yachts Amid COVID-19

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Drawing. In background is a yellow triangle with a black border. There is a black exdamation point in the center of the triangle. The words, Travel Advisory, are almost stamped across the top section of the triangle. The words are in a black rectangle, and the words are in white lettering. There is a white border around the black box and words.


Thinking of sheltering in place?  First, in a remote destination?  Second, in private?  Third, on a luxury yacht charter vessel?   Great thought, but STOP.  Before you get your hopes up, we have a report.  Getting on a yacht may be a BIG problem right now. This is a result of more islands closing their borders to yachts. It is particularly difficult for all.



Traditionally, spring is the most popular season for Caribbean yacht charters.  We have fully-crewed superyachts in position. They are ready to accept guests. For example, from the Bahamas to Bonaire.

Unfortunately, the unexpected outbreak of a global viral pandemic has affected the industry.  It brings the idea of a charter in the Caribbean to a screeching halt.



This started as travel advisories and then curfews.  It morphed into full closures of most island nations in the Caribbean.  This affects both air and sea access.



In some cases, charter guests already onboard may stay onboard.  However, as of March 30, most charter vessels are restricted.  Therefore, they cannot accept new guests in almost every inhabited island in the Caribbean.  For instance, the British Virgin Islands and St. Marten.


CLOSED (no re-opening dates announced)

  • TRINIDAD … not only
  • ARUBA … but also
  • DOMINICA … in addition,
  • ANTIGUA and BARBUDA … lastly,


Restrictions exist.  For instance,

  • MONTSERRAT.  Mandatory 14 day quarantine
  • USVI (U.S. Virgin Islands).  Closed to all visitors for 30 days.  Charter vessels, hotels, guest houses, etc. are restricted. They may not accept new guests. Guests who have already checked in are advised to return home. They cam remain, if they choose, however.  Airport and Seaports are open.  All non-essential businesses are closed.  Residents are asked to stay at home. All bars across the Territory are closed.  In-house dining is not allowed at restaurants.  Take-out services are permissible. Additionally,
  • ANGUILLA.  Both sea and air ports are closed to all passengers. This applies for an initial 14-day period, from 20 March.
  • BAHAMAS.  Incoming passenger flights are banned.  Significantly, seaports remain open for cargo and supply vessels only.  Moreover, All inter-island sailing and cruising is prohibited.
  • BARBADOS.  Airports and marinas are open.  Whether by yacht or plane, all visitors arriving from the UK, Europe, and the United States will be placed in quarantine for 14 days. Anyone arriving with a travel history from China, Iran, and South Korea are also subject to a 14-day quarantine. Further,
  • DOMINICA.  Airports and seaports closed.  There is an exception for planes and ships bringing vitally-needed cargo and medical relief supplies.
  • ST. VINCENT and the GRENADINES.  Mandatory 14 day quarantine for any passengers arriving from China and other countries.  For instance, the European Union, Iran, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.



In conclusion, this is not a complete list of all restrictions in the Caribbean.  Border and marina/port closures change rapidly.  Moreover, air traffic suspensions change, too.  In the meantime, 1-800 Yacht Charters will keep this information updated as much as possible. We encourage our blog readers to check official country websites and local news sources for the latest travel advisories and closures/restrictions. For specific luxury yacht charter questions, please email us at

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London Olympics Yacht Charters 2012

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Photograph of london 2012 olympics logoLONDON OLYMPICS

It is estimated that London’s roughly 120,000 hotel rooms are nowhere near enough.  This problem exists for the 2012 Olympic Games.  A lack of rooms means many visitors will be forced to stay in the English countryside.


 Savvy travelers, however, can choose an option that will put them within walking distance of the main stadium.  For instance, they select a private yacht.



The Marina at the London Docklands plays host to dozens of the newest and largest motoryachts in the world during the Olympics.  The facility is two miles from Olympic Park and other venues for the games.

The Docklands accommodates boats from small bareboats to British navy ships and international cruise ships. Megayachts visit the marina, thus, dockmaster and his team are prepared to handle large vessels.


Gareth Stephens is the dock manager for British Waterways.  The agency oversees England’s waterways.  He reports multiple berths are ready for the weeks immediately preceding the summer 2012 Olympics. According to Stephens,
“The Docklands can house yachts up to 170 meters (558 feet) with a 23-meter beam and eight-meter draft (75 feet and 26 feet, respectively).”


The number of available slips will ultimately depend on the sizes of vessels that make reservations for the games. Says Stephens, 

“We are looking to accommodate a mix of cruise vessels and superyachts.”

Minimum dockage reservation period is 21 days.  London Olympics run from July 27 to August 12.  The required minimum booking period is July 24 to August 14. Stays starting before and/or ending after the minimum period are available.



Charges for a slip or quayside space depend on the length of a yacht. Daily rates are £1,000 (approx $1,547) for yachts under 25 meters (82 feet) to £11,000 (est $17,000) for vessels in the 125-150 meter (410- to 492-foot) range.

London Docklands offers full marina services and facilities. For instance, water, sewage, fuel bunkering, and garbage disposal. It also has riverboat and “Tube” connections.  The marina is then highly convenient for Olympic events and all major London attractions.
To inquire about berth availabilities, contact 1-800 Yacht Chartersx at 720-7245 or click

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