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Do Yacht Charter Vacations Cast a Spell?

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Photograph of a pile of tan colored scrabble board game pieces with black letters and their values superimposed beneath the letters. The letters Q and R appear in the stack. The words, "How Do You Spell That," are overlaid on the photo. This phrase is in orange with white letters outlined in black.

Funny enough, yes, yacht charters typically cast a spell on guests.  They choose yachting as their favorite vacation.  In addition, they repeat the vacation often!

As far as spelling?   There are many uncommon terms used in the yacht charter industry.  For instance, purser, bosun, and lazarette.  But why do I need to spell them?



Yacht charter guests do not need to spell boating terms.  Have your charter broker and your attorney handle and explain any contractual details and paperwork. It is your job to simply enjoy your vacation.

We understand.  Many yacht charter guests simply desire education (as do we).  Besides, some charter clients end up as superyacht owners. Subsequently, The Superyacht Experience™ is important to them from all aspects, including spelling.




Some items are spelled uniquely in different languages.  For instance, salon vs saloon.  Does it matter when chartering a yacht?  No, not at all.  If you are on a yacht, and your crew mentions a term you haven’t heard, simply ask for an explanation.



There is an oft-used term in yachting that relates to criminal incarceration.  Yikes.  Most brokerages continue to use the term, as it is most recognized and used in the industry.  That term is “al fresco.”  In yacht charter, it refers to any outside space.  For example, al fresco (or alfresco) dining commonly refers to outdoor dining.

The actual definition of al fresco in Italian means, “in prison.”   Over the years, the term has gained popularity in use for outdoor yachting areas or activities, so it is not frowned upon in the superyacht industry.   Alas, times change.  In addition, the millennial generation and Urban Dictionary for the term, al fresco, now mean to go without undergarments or to “go commando.”



That is up to you.  If spelling and terminology haunt you or give you pause, then maybe yes.  If you simply want to enjoy The Superyacht Experience™ and the wonderful magical spell that yachting creates, then it doesn’t matter what things are called — or how they are spelled!  As the saying goes, “just don’t call me late for dinner!”



In conclusion, book a sail or motor yacht for your own private luxury yacht charter vacation today. Contact your yacht charter brokers at 1-800 Yacht Charters at 305-720-7245. If you prefer, complete our online inquiry form at .

We will be in touch with you right away to plan The Superyacht Experience for you!

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Most Likely to Bare It All on a Vacation

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Photograph of four nude people standing on the side of a yacht, looking out over the water.

In March, our Caribbean yacht charter destination specialists shared two popular clothing optional destinations with our readers, along with 2 fabulous yachts to take you there.

Now, the folks at Trip Advisor ask travelers the question, “Are you ready to bare it all?

In a recent survey, the online travel site asked members if they would bare it all at a nude beach.  The surprising results showed nearly half of the respondents said they are ready to strip, with European members proving to be the most revealing of all.

Jana Sheeder, the President of 1-800 Yacht Charters, is not surprised by the fact Europeans lead the way in clothing-optional vacation inquiries.

For many years we’ve noticed the majority of inquiries for clothing-optional charters come from Europe, and they have a strong preference for crewed catamaran charters as opposed to motor yacht vacations.  They find the quiet nature of sailing to be relaxing, and the large canvas lounging areas on catamarans are perfect for sun worshippers.

Here are the results of the Tripadvisor survey:

Would you bare all at a nude beach?

United States
Yes 49%
No 32%
Undecided 19%

Yes 52%
No 25%
Undecided 23%


Yes 55%
No 19%
Undecided 26%

Summer is right around the corner – contact our destination specialists HERE and reserve your own private yacht charter vacation today!

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