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Making a Difference: What to do with Old Saddle Pads

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I know what you’re thinking – you’re saying to yourself, “What do horse saddle pads have to do with boats, and private yacht charters, and the ocean?

The truth is, while we love our work and are passionate about sharing the Superyacht Experience with our clients and friends, we also love to spend time away from the water – on a ranch with horses, and pastures, and clean, country air.

Last week, I noticed a stack of old saddle pads in the barn. They were still usable – soft and thick, but starting to fray on the ends.

Rather than pitch them in the trash, we came up with a good idea – a way to “recycle”  the pads and put them to good use.

So, we put washed the pads, tossed them into a couple of reusable, eco-friendly  1-800 Yacht Charter “Eco-tote” bags, and took them to our local animal rescue shelter, PAWS4YOU.   It turns out, saddle pads make a perfect bed for dogs!

The pads are mostly rectangular in shape, and filled with soft, cushiony fabric.  The same thick fabric designed to protect a horse from the impact of a rider and saddle when riding makes a nice “bed”  for a small to medium-sized dog.

Actual dog beds that you buy at a pet store are expensive and beyond the budget of most pet rescue organizations.  It sure felt good when “Bernard” a rescued beagle available for adoption at PAWS4YOU came out to accept our donated saddle pads.  We also had the extra satisfaction of knowing we made a difference on November 13th, World Kindness Day!!!

Bernard the rescued beagle dog and volunteer sit beside bag of donated saddle pads for shelter dogs


Our hats are tipped to the many volunteers at PAWS4YOU, and all they do to help shelter and adopt homeless and abused pets in Miami, Florida.

So, the next time you find old towels, blankets, (or, if you ride horses, a saddle pad or three) in your house (or barn), don’t throw them away.  Wash them and find a local animal shelter in your community.  Make a difference and donate them to help the animals!

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