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EXUMA Yacht Named Yacht of Year

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Exuma motoryacht. Aerial view from the front. Solid silver yacht.


Motor yacht EXUMA profile from mid-March.  Above all, the Perini Navi Group, famous for sailboats, built an award-winning 50 meter motoryacht. 



EXUMA received World Superyacht Award Motoryacht of the Year.  Additionally, she was named Best Displacement Motoryacht under 500 gross tons.


Yacht EXUMA was co-designated the winner at the sixth international ceremony in London.  Specifically, awarded with 162.5 meter yacht ECLIPSE.  The latter was built by Blohm and Voss.  In addition to styling by Terence Disdale Design.  Similarly, the yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.



Furthermore, EXUMA was designed by naval architect Philippe Briand.  The vessel is,
unparalleled in terms of interior space design and deck organization. There are large spaces dedicated to ensuring privacy among guests, and plenty of room to store the yacht’s sizable watertoy equipment inventory.


Unique onboard toys are numerous.  For instance, a Hovercraft, underwater SeaBob scooter, an electric moped, and an Amphibious Jeep.


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Gulp – Private Luxury Yacht Charter Builder Swallows In-Country Rival

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Topping a fatherland rival by building the world’s largest yacht wasn’t good enough.  Lürssen Yachts gobbles up their leading competitor.  The German company takes over the entire operation.



At this time, Bremen-based Lürssen Yachts announces the acquisition of Hamburg’s superyacht builder, Blohm+Voss.



According to Peter Luerssen, Managing Partner, “With the acquisition of Blohm+Voss we are taking over a shipyard with a strategically advantageous location and versatile production facilities. We want to use these facilities to complement our existing refit and repair activities and also to offer our customers an ever better service.”

Lurssen shipyard with yacht Azzam in water



With the 2013 launch of the world’s largest yacht, the 180 meter motor yacht AZZAM, “The big L” wrestled the top spot away from the Roman Abramovich-owned motor yacht ECLIPSE, a 162.50 meter Blohm & Voss GmbH vessel launched in 2010.



Of the 10 largest yachts in service today, Lürssen has built 5 of them, including 3 of the top 5.


Many Lürssen charter vessels are among, the largest yachts offered for hire. Specificially, 94 meter (308ft) Lürssen yacht Kismet II and 70 meter (230ft) Lurssen motor yacht Martha Ann.


In conclusion, The Superyacht Experience™ awaits your presence. Whether you choose to buy or rent, 1-800 Yacht Charters is here for you.  Contact us today at to get started on your superyacht journey.

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Luxury Yachts Rock St Barts New Years

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Photograph of fireworks over Gustavia, St. Barts. There are hundreds of yachts in the harbor below the fireworks show.

St, Barts Gustavia Fireworks for New Year’s


The tiny island nation of St Barts once again played host to multiple people and boats. For instance, celebrities, business icons, and the world’s largest yachts to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2011.



With fireworks bursting overhead, many revelers made their way to the £59 million island estate of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich for his annual party.  It is estimated to cost £5 million (about $7.7 million US Dollars).  The star-studded event featured a live performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.



Many stayed on the Russian’s 536 foot superyacht ECLIPSE – the world’s largest private yacht with two helicopter pads, a submarine, and two swimming pools.  Other yachts anchored in the harbor or along the quay included the 377 foot motor yacht LUNA,  Feadship yacht charter motor yacht DREAM, and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen motor yacht TATOOSH.

Photograph of George Lucas and his wife walking in a yacht marina. She is wearing a shiny silver cocktail dress. He is wearing jeans and a short-sleeved button down shirt.

George Lucas and partner enjoy Abramovich party ion yachts n Gustavia St. Barts



Some of the A-list celebrities and guests seen on yachts, and in restaurants and clubs included Star Wars creator George Lucas, designer Marc Jacobs, singer Jon Bon Jovi, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, and music mogul Russell Simmons and his Australian actress-girlfriend, Melissa George.



In conclusion, revelers on yachts came ashore in tenders. This was before being whisked off in chauffeured cars to the various parties taking place across the island.


To plan your own special event on a private yacht, contact the destination pros at SailAway at

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Top Trends in Superyacht Marina Design

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Photograph of superyacht marina at night. There is a bridege in the background with lights on it.

Superyacht Marina


Here is a staggering statistic.  The number of megayachts worldwide has more than doubled in the last decade.  This is welcome news for the luxury mega yacht charter market.  However, the development of new marinas sufficient in size is poor.  Accommodating the largest yachts has not kept up with demand. 



The yachting community is still talking about this summer’s incident in Antibes.  In specific, when a Saudi prince docked his 265-foot yacht.  This in the last available slip at Millionaire’s Quay in Cap d’Antibes.  Why was this an issue?  It left Russia’s most prominent yachtsman, Roman Abramovich. in the cold.  He moored his 533-foot motor yacht ECLIPSE offshore. 

READ the full story at



Fortunately, the international marina industry is capitalizing on things. For example, cutting-edge trends to make sure modern new facilities are built to accommodate these yachts.

The latest trends in new megayacht marina construction follow.

Aerial photograph of a superyacht marina in Porto Montenegro.

Porto Montenegro Superyacht Marina

Quiet Waters

It was always good enough to build a marina anywhere along the coast.  For new, large superyachts, calm waters are a mustJana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters and 1-800 Yacht Charters comments.  

“As a superyacht owner, you don’t invest millions of dollars in the construction and design of a comfortable vessel to end up rocking and rolling in an unprotected marina all night.  New marinas must put great emphasis in large slips in calm water areas.”


Elbow Room

Sufficient space must accommodate larger vessels.  Current trends are to provide no less than 1.5 times maximum LOA (length overall) fairways.  This allows new facilities to anticipate. In addition, to compensate for bigger and bigger yachts.



Floating docks are another trend in modern dock design.  Megayachts always needed to be moored at fixed piers with high freeboard.  Floating dock systems have higher freeboard capacity to accommodate the larger vessels.

Yachts and Watts

Adequate power is a real challenge for new marinas. Sheeder explains. 

“As the yachts continue to get bigger their appetite for more power increases as well.  This puts a large burden on the marina developer and the locality to provide sufficient electricity for these yachts.  New facilities will need to bring power to the finger piers to minimize line drop (a loss of electricity in the line as it travels over any distance), and deliver power in varying phases and cycles.


Other Trends

According to industry analysts other top trends include:

  • In-slip fueling and sanitary pump outs –  “Speed and efficiency are important issues,” says Sheeder “Moving yachts is expensive and can be very time-consuming.”
  • Vehicle-friendly piers  –  Accommodating vehicular traffic and convenient boarding.
  • Shoreside Facilities & Amenities –  Onshore facilities and amenities at modern megayacht marinas has become a major focal point.   Pools, fitness centers, crew lounges, and computer facilities will be the norm.  On-site concierge services will give crews, owners, and yacht charter clients access to entertainment options, restaurants, doctors and health clinics and more.
  • Wireless Technological Advances  –  With larger yachts come larger crew complements.  Wi-Fi bandwidth at new marinas must be large enough to accommodate the demands of more crew members when they arrive in port and jump on Skype and the Internet.  Look for marinas to turn to emerging technology such as WiMAX 4G.  No hard wiring or link to the marina’s IT infrastructure is required.

Future Expectations

What can we expect to see in megayacht marinas in the future?  Sheeder is confident that the industry will remain committed to eco-friendly technological advances. “We expect a continuing emphasis on unique destinations. As we look for incremental growth beyond traditional Caribbean yacht charter destinations, we must push for green technology in all new marinas. Energy efficiency, waste reduction, and environmental stewardship must be the norm in the future.”



Contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters destination specialists at to experience the newest and largest yachts in the world’s best destinations.

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