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New Eco-Friendly Superyacht Decor Does Not Smell Fishy

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salmon skin collage. Top left is blue. Top right is green.  Bottom left is gold.  Bottom right is orange. Center is a box that is a dark grey outline with silver skin in a smaller box within that one.


Trending ultra-green yachting continues.  News of a decor option that smells a little fishy to us appears.  Salmon skin upholstery!


Fuel-guzzling luxury mega yacht charter vessels are not eco-friendly modes of transportation.  However, a growing number of yacht owners are taking steps to protect our oceans.  They are building and refitting their vessels to “go green.”


The latest of these is the use of salmon skin upholstery. Touted as an environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free decor option, it is suitable for superyacht interiors.  Salmo Leather GmbH, is the leader in this business, creating leathers from the skins of salmon raised on certified organic fish-farms in Ireland. To illustrate, it looks similar to snakeskin, and salmon leather can be enjoyed guilt-free.  It is beneficial in that it is not leather from endangered species.



The company has named the product “Nanai.”   This word is an homage to the salmon skin tanning techniques and traditions of the Eastern Siberian Nanai people. They have fished salmon on the Amur river for thousands of years.



With its unsurpassed strength and versatility, coupled with its multi-dimensional character and wide variety of color choices, the possibilities nanai has to offer is only limited by the designer’s imagination. Having been certified for its remarkable tear and tensile strength and for its seam resistance, nanai is just as suitable for exquisite interior decorating and furnishing on virgin islands yacht charter vessels as it is for luxury handbags. The Stuart Weitzman Handbags Spring/Summer Collection 2011 features nanai on four of its new handbag models.


The skins are a by-product of the salmon industry. Fish are not specifically killed for their hides.


Nanai is referred to by her creators as “a model of ethical elegance.”   This is just one of many sustainable building and design materials in the yachting industry.


In conclusion, click to charter an eco-friendly yacht. Our charter experts can help you select a vessel operated with sustainable onboard amenities. 

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