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2 Epic Luxury Yacht Charter Vacations for Spring 2016

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Industry experts predict the continued growth of the yacht charter market in 2016.  Retail charter brokers identify new and exciting destinations and opportunities for their clients.  With the help of yacht maven Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters, we take a look at 2 more.  Unique 2016 yachting vacations are spring’s most epic getaways.



At first glance, the idea of snow skiing and yachting seem mutually exclusive.  Typically, if you want to go boating in the winter or spring, you jet off for the warm waters of the Caribbean. Conversely, a ski vacation normally occurs far away from any yachting destinations, in a mountainous area like Vail or Kitzbühel

All the more reason a combination ski trip and yachting holiday is about as unique as it gets, as one of the world’s largest yachts for hire will be offering heli-skiing charters along the coast of the world’s largest island!

The 254 foot ice-breaking Icon motor yacht LEGEND is offering adventure charters in Greenland, from April through June, 2016.  She features guest accommodations for 26 passengers – perfect for private groups and large families.


Glaciers and icebergs make Greenland a unique destination. The alpine ranges south of the Arctic Circle in western Greenland are known for coastal heli-skiing on peaks up to 6500 feet (2,000 meters) and skiers can glide almost to the edge where the glaciers meet the sea.

Expedition yacht LEGEND profile

As Jana Sheeder explains, the adventure goes far beyond the slopes.

“Motor yacht LEGEND has been specifically outfitted with a wide array of watersports equipment and toys for exploration.  The yacht carries a small submarine for exploring under the ice pack, as well as kayaks, and snowmobiles.  If you’re into adventure and exploration, this yacht has tremendous appeal.” 

Onboard amenities include a cinema room, Balinese-style spa, gymnasium, and on-deck Jacuzzi large enough for 16 people.

Rates begin at €75900 per day with a 5 day minimum reservation required.



If skiing and polar exploration is not your thing, an exotic warm-weather escape might be more appealing, especially when you throw in one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles.

The world’s largest wooden sailing yacht is offering a rare opportunity to witness a celestial event in an environmentally vibrant, and culturally rich corner of our world.

Sail yacht LAMIMA is offering a 10-day adventure cruising the waters of Raja Ampat, Indonesia where on March 9, 2016 at 8:58am all onboard will witness a full solar eclipse.



Scientists have said one of the optimal viewing points on the earth to see the full effect of the eclipse is in the area of Raja Ampat,” says Sheeder.  “We often encourage our clients to plan their private yacht charter vacations around the full moon, but experiencing a solar eclipse from an ocean vantage point is truly unique.”

Lamima sailboat profile



Indonesia offers diverse wildlife and world’s best snorkeling and diving sites. Sailing yacht LAMIMA has an extensive watersports inventory including  kayaks, paddleboard, and a full inventory of SCUBA gear for both Padi and Nitrox certified divers.  The crew includes a spa therapist and a local tour guide.

The ALL-INCLUSIVE 10-night charter rate for the solar eclipse excursion is $200,000 for up to 14 guests.  Can’t make it for the big celestial event?  The yacht’s regular weekly rate is $140,000.  It can be pro-rated for trips as short as 5 days.

picture of solar eclipse


Sheeder hopes to organize more unique yachting excursions throughout 2016.

“We deliver The Superyacht Experience™ to our clients.  We understand our clients want to immerse themselves and participate in unique cultural events.  Skiing in Greenland and witnessing a solar eclipse in Indonesia are perfect opportunities to experience an epic eco-friendly adventure.  What a great way to reconnect with family and friends, embrace diverse cultures, and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit!”



Which destination would you consider for an epic yacht charter? Comment below, and we’ll send you an Eco-Tote to help you save the earth with us!

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Silence: A Noise Free Superyacht Experience?

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Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve The Superyacht Experience.™   Silent running yachts are a futuristic dream.  On some superyachts, we’ve added the latest Molton Brown and  Jo Malone personal care products to the staterooms and ensuite bathrooms.  Other yachts now have expanded, large swim platforms.  They have also converted the aft watertoy garages into contemporary “beach clubs”  with lounge and spa facilities.



But what if the next revolution to the experience was more sensory in nature and less tactile?   Maybe the future will bring something that envelops the yacht with a calming, quiet sensation.



Maybe the future is already upon us…and the next revolution to The Superyacht Experience™  is the 262 foot hybrid yacht ARTEFACT.


Aerial photograph of a motoryacht underway. The yacht is heading from the upper left side of the screen to the lower right side of the photo. The waves are pushing out underneath the yacht as it goes through the water. The yacht is solid white with a light brown deck.

The brand new megayacht was built in Germany in a shipyard on Eider River in Rendsburg.  Nobiskrug yacht ARTEFACT has been deemed, “Our coolest project ever!”  by her designer, Gregory Marshall.



So what makes this superyacht revolutionary?  The answer: SILENCE…


The yacht was built to operate in near-silent conditions.  She draws energy from 248 feet of solar panels on her sundeck.   A huge array of batteries store the solar-generated power. These batteries also allow her to operate for short periods without the need of combustion engines.



In addition to the overall sense of calm, onboard guests can feel good.  They know their yacht serves as an eco-friendly platform to a unique experience at sea.  First, running on hybrid power means less harmful emission into the atmosphere.  Second, silent running yacht, of course.  Third, Marshall designed the yacht with a variable-speed Azipod-propulsion and dynamic-positioning system.  This allows the yacht to hover near or over fragile reefs without the need to drop a damaging anchor into the water.



One last nod to green-design technology.  Many of the yacht’s technical systems operate on recycled, filtered wastewater.

This new superyacht is one of the first to meet the stringent Tier III emissions regulations.  These are by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

One day soon, we hope all luxury yacht charter guests can add “noise-free” to the checklist of their own superyacht experience…



In conclusion, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at    We look forward to planning The Superyacht Experience™ for you.

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