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St Lucia Works to Bolster Yacht Charter Market

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Aerial photograph of St. Lucia. Pitons mountains appear in the background.

St. Lucia, Caribbean


St. Lucia makes a move to bolster and support cruising in its waters.  The government announced new, revised policies regarding yachting. 



Policies are announced by the St Lucia Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.  They create rules to stimulate growth in St. Lucia’s yachting sector.  New rules facilitate clearing in and out of the country. They also ease taxation and include many other benefits.



There are five changes.  For instance,

  1. 100% waiver on income tax from operations for the first 5 years for local charter companies with a minimum of 1 captain and 3 crew members and a fleet of 3 or more power or sailing vessels
  2. Approval has been given for the formation of a Yachting Committee, that falls under the purview of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and will incorporate all relevant institutions that function to regulate the yachting sector in St. Lucia

Additional Changes

Third,  100% waiver of import duty and consumption tax on boat safety equipment and watercraft activity equipment, which includes sport fishing, SCUBA diving, kite surfing and other water sports, subject to verification of the Bill of Quantities by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation for 5 years from date of cabinet conclusion
Photograph of a man kitesurfing. He is airborne. His kike is fully-inflated. He is over the water, and his shadow is below him. The sun is shining overhead, and there is a mountain in the distance.

Kitesurfing in St. Lucia on yacht charter


Fourth,  100% waiver of import duty and consumption tax on all equipment and materials imported or purchased locally for use in the establishment of infrastructure to service yachts over period of 5 years, subject to verification and approval of the Bill of Quantities by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation

Finally, the Government of Saint Lucia has waived the visa requirements for Russian and Australian nationals so that Russian and Australian nationals no longer require visas to enter Saint Lucia.



Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters and 1-800 Yacht Charters applauds the new regulations.  Says Sheeder,

“These changes will benefit everyone in the yachting industry, from owners and their crews, to charter guests and yacht service businesses.  Most importantly,  bolstering the yacht industry will have a positive economic impact on the residents of St. Lucia.”

Sheeder is especially excited at the prospect of easing visa restrictions for Russian travelers. 

Caribbean yacht charter vacations are extremely popular with Russian customers,” says Sheeder.  “Any steps we can take to facilitate their ability to travel freely will encourage more Russians to visit the islands by boat.”



In conclusion, contact the SailAway and 1-800 Yacht Charters destination specialists at to plan a winter yachting holiday.

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Yacht, Not Charter Location, IS Destination

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Black and white photograph of large white yacht with center smoke stack, CHRISTINA O, at anchor at a marina. Other smaller yachts are docked beside her.  She dwarfs them.


There is nothing more important than selecting a memorable destination for your first luxury yacht charter.  It sets the tone for dreaming about future adventures in exotic locales.

“Will it be a St. Lucia yacht charter this spring, or should we wait till summer and plan a Greece yacht charter vacation?”


But what about your fifth charter – or your sixth?  You’ve “been there…done that…got the t-shirt.”

At that point, the focus shifts from destinations to accommodations.  The opportunity also advances to experience the creature comforts of the newest and largest yachts in the world.



The preferred “brand” of superyacht now comes into play.  Multi-repeat charterers find themselves daydreaming about a week “anywhere” on, perhaps, a brand new Perini Navi.

At this point, selecting the right vessel for an odyssey at sea becomes a matter of personal taste and expectations.  But with dozens of yachts seeking rental business, how does a person choose?


More than a destination specialist, the charter broker knows the yachts and the crews that operate them.  A good broker will work to identify a yacht and crew most compatible to a client’s lifestyle.



To do this, brokers attempt to delve into the customer’s personality and background by asking key questions:  Where do you live?   What are your hobbies?  Do you like to entertain at home?

The answers to these type of queries helps the broker understand the overall lifestyle of the charterer.   From this point, the broker can glean his or her records to identify yachts and crews that might be compatible with the charterer and his or her guests.

Photo of fast yacht named TITTI underway

Jana Sheeder, the President of 1-800 Yacht Charters, explains the strategy.

If a client lives in a world of white-glove service and refined style, the broker must identify a crew that can deliver that same level of service.”  She continues, “Crew, however, is only part of the equation, as the vessel’s decor and amenities must also be reflective of the client’s tastes.

Many American clients prefer the style of a US-built ship, such as a Trinity or a Westport.  European customers often prefer the old world elegance of a Feadship or Benetti.

For many multi-repeat customers, destination remains secondary to the pedigree of the yacht and the subsequent talents of the crew. Says Sheeder,

The key to success is understanding the client’s lifestyle before you begin to promote one yacht over another.”  Sheeder concludes, “You don’t promote a yacht with an onboard spa and a masseuse to a client who doesn’t get manicures.”



To arrange a private getaway at sea, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at 1-800-922-4824 or click!

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