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Celebrity’s Luxury Yacht Charter Vessel Might Need New Name

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Yacht owner Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis break up yacht charter

If reports are to be believed, there’s trouble in Paradis for Captain Jack Sparrow.     

People Magazine is reporting Hollywood A-list star Johnny Depp and his inamorata of 14 years, singer Vanessa Paradis are calling it quits.  According the the mag’s cover story, Depp, 48, and the Chanel model, 39, have not appeared together at a public event for more than a year.

To the movie-going public, Depp is best known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, the central protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.  In the yachting industry, the actor is more familiar as the celebrity owner of a mega yacht charter vessel often seen cruising the pristine waters of the Bahamas.

This week’s office water-cooler question: will the split lead Depp to rename his Bahama yacht charters motor yacht, VaJoLiRoJa?

Vajoliroja motoryacht Johnny Depp luxury yacht charter caribbean yacht charter

The boat’s clever name comes from combining the first few letters of each family member’s name, partner Vanessa Paradis, Johnny, and their kids, Lily-Rose and Jack. 

If Johnny drops Vanessa, can we assume the multi-syllabic boat name will shed its current first syllable – leaving us with JoLiRoJa?  We kind of like that – if you say it fast enough it sounds like, “Jolly Roger”  — a perfect name for this 156 foot yacht of distinctive character.

luxury motor yacht charter caribbean johnny depp celebrity yacht powerboat charter

But wait, what if it’s Vanessa forcing Johnny to, “Walk the plank?”  If she keeps custody of the yacht, the new name could be VaLiRoJa.   Has a nice sound to it – kinda rolls off the tongue…

Perhaps the best name for the yacht is RANSOM, as in Depp’s reported $300 gross profit sharing booty from Disney’s Pirates movie franchise.  


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Superyacht Owner Actor Johnny Depp Back On The Market

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Back in January, our intrepid reporters sensed trouble in paradise for actor Johnny Depp, the owner of the Mediterranean yacht charter vessel, VaJoLiRoJa and his companion of 14 years, singer Vanessa Paradis.
Johnny Depp luxury yacht charter VaJoLiRoJa 156 foot sailboat Depp available to date again
Now that the actor has confirmed the breakup, we take a look at some of Depp’s relationships:
Lori Allison, 1983-1985
After moving to Los Angeles, Depp married makeup artist Lori Allison. Allison introduced Depp to her friend, Nicolas Cage, who introduced Depp to the agent who landed Depp his breakthrough role in “Nightmare on Elm Street.” 
Sherilyn Fenn, 1986-1988
Fenn and Depp met on the set of a student film. The couple got engaged and Fenn appeared in one episode of Depp’s hit TV series, “21 Jump Street.” After their breakup, Fenn went on to star in the TV series “Twin Peaks.” 
Jennifer Grey, 1989
The “Dirty Dancing” star was briefly engaged to Depp in 1989. Not much else is known about their relationship, but it seems to have fizzled when Depp met Wynona Ryder the same year.
Winona Ryder, 1989-1993
Ryder and Depp met at a movie premiere and quickly became an item. They co-starred in Tim Burton’s film “Edward Scissorhands.” After their split, Depp changed the tattoo on his right biceps from “Winona Forever” to “Wino Forever.”
Ellen Barkin, 1993-1994
Depp briefly dated Barkin, who was nine years older than Depp.
Kate Moss, 1994-1998
Hollywood insiders say Depp’s relationship with model Kate Moss is best described as tumultuous. The
couple was often seen in public either making out or yelling at each other. Their romance yielded Depp’s fourth broken engagement.
Vanessa Paradis, June 1998-June 2012
The French model met Depp while he was filming “The Ninth Gate.” Several months later, the couple moved into a $2 million villa in France. With the success of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise, Depp and Paradis purchased a 156′  charter yacht and named her VaJoLiRoJa.  The boat’s clever name comes from combining the first few letters of each family member’s name, partner Vanessa Paradis, Johnny, and their kids, Lily-Rose and Jack. 
Photograph of actor Johnny Depp in a tuxedo and posing on the red carpet at a gala

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