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Caribbean Yacht Charter – Go Green to Save the Blue

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An association of charter brokers has announced an award to recognize luxury sailing charter vessels who adopt eco-friendly practices.


The  Charter Yacht Brokers Association International (CYBA) has launched the 2012 “Save the Blue” awards, as a continuation of the organization’s green initiative to reduce plastic water bottle waste by encouraging yachts to produce their own onboard purified drinking water.    
Logo for Going Green To Save the Blue CYBA yacht charter association


Vessels available for charter can qualify for the award by meeting at least seven of the thirty criteria that CYBA has listed in an online survey.  Many of the criteria are simple to implement and include green practices such as using biodegradable cleaners, buying sustainable seafood, and using recyclable shopping bags. 


“By undertaking a few simple eco-friendly practices, the fleet of yachts for hire in the Caribbean can make a dramatic impact on the island environment.  Our Team commends CYBA’s efforts.”        
CYBA is hopeful these awards inspire others. For instance, captains, crews and owners. The association wants them to take more steps. In specific, to go green.  Qualifying vessels are recognized at the upcoming charter industry winter shows in St. Thomas, Tortola, and Antigua. 
Special mention will be given.  Specifically, to the “Most Eco-friendly Sailing Yacht”     


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Destination Caribbean – Where is St Thomas?

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Aerial photograph of Charlotte Amalie Harbour in St. Thomas. There are cable cars coming down from the mountaintop.  There are boats in the marina and cruiseships docksed

Yesterday, a potential (and first-time) Virgin island yacht charter customer asked, “Where do we fly, to catch the boat?”  As we answer a dozen times a week, we replied, “St. Thomas.”

For many years, St. Thomas has been the gateway to the Caribbean, and the embarkation port for thousands of Caribbean yacht charter odysseys.  With a major international airport and a large, protected bay in the capital city, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas is a boater’s paradise.

St Thomas is one of three main islands that comprise the United States Virgin Islands (USVI).  The other two islands are St John and St Croix. 

Drawing of Leeward islands of the Caribbean.
Located in the area of the Caribbean known as the West Indies, St Thomas is 1100 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, USA, and just 35 miles to the east of the island of Puerto Rico. 

Average flight time from Miami to St Thomas is 2 hours and 50 minutes, and from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St Thomas is 30 minutes.

Once onboard a luxury sailing charter vessel in St Thomas, the sailing time to the nearby British Virgin Islands is approximately 2 hours.  Motoryachts can make the trip in less than 1 hour.

Click HERE for a selection of the newest yachts available for a St Thomas yacht charter vacation.

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Skipper Impresses Guest On Luxury Sailing Charter In Caribbean

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Aerial photograph of a catamaran sailboat at anchor in a quiet cove. There are other sailboats and 1 motoryacht in the same cove. All are smaller and off in the distance.

Ma Ha crewed catamaran charter

“To the owner:

I just completed a charter on Ma Ha, your beautiful yacht. First, thank you for making it available. I own a home on the ocean in Maine that I rent from time to time, and I know the angst it can cause.

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what an exceptional skipper you have in Andrew Ball. It can be very difficult for an absentee owner to evaluate management, so I thought I would share my observations
with you.

I am sure that you don’t need me to tell you that Andrew is an excellent sailor and maintains your yacht with meticulous vigor.

What you may not know, is how far Andrew goes to ensure your guests’ happiness.

By way of example, I wanted to surprise my wife with a massage. Andrew arranged to pick up a masseuse on the tender, bring him on board, and then return him after the massage. When the time came, there were substantial
swells and I fully expected to have cancel the massage. Andrew wouldn’t hear of it. Instead he donned foul weather gear, brought an extra set for the masseuse and braved the elements.

This was but one of many examples.

I thought you should know. Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year.”

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Photo of crew of catamaran sailboat, Ma Ha. Man on the left. Female on the right. Both are wearing black short-sleeved polo shirts that say Ma Ha on them. They are both smiling at the camera.

Crew of catamaran Ma Ha

Editor’s Note: crewed catamaran charters are extremely popular is Caribbean destinations such as St. Thomas  sailboats offer great stability, especially when at anchor, and carry large inventories of aquasports equipment;  yet, the physical comforts and onboard amenities pale in comparison to the talents of the onboard crews.  These skippers, cooks, and mates of crewed catamaran sailboats pride themselves on stellar customer service.  It is their “can-do” attitude, as exhibited by captain Andrew Ball on sail catamaran MA HA, that brings the clients back to charter, time and time again…

To rent private yacht in the Caribbean, contact the destination specialists at 1-800 Yacht Charters att

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