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Take a Soak – Top 5 Luxury Yacht Charter Hot Tubs

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From gymnasiums, helicopters and onboard Kaleidescape movie theaters, today’s modern superyacht has every affluent amenity imaginable.  Yet the most requested amenity by prospective charter customers remains one of the oldest, time-tested features:  the on-deck hot tub.

Is there a better way to unwind each night during a yachting vacation than enjoying a warm soak under the stars?

The benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy are well-documented – warm water therapy can promote relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief.  It’s also a fun way to spend quality time with your travel companions  – sipping wine and planning your next day’s adventures.

In the early years of the charter industry, most ondeck tubs were portable tubs – the same as those found in many homes.  Today’s ondeck megayacht hydrotherapy tubs are permanent, built-in amenities, designed by naval architects and molded into the yacht’s superstructure. 

Today we take a look at five of the best hydrotherapy tubs on five equally spectacular charter yachts:


The 228-foot motor yacht SHERAKHAN
has one of the largest sundeck hot tubs aboard any charter yacht.  The tub features an opaque bottom, allowing natural light to filter into the two-story dining room directly below.   

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Benetti yacht charter enthusiasts like to brag about the hot tub onboard the 196ft motor yacht ST. EKATERINA
(formerly motor yacht XANADU).  The large tub is within easy viewing distance of a two-way cinema screen. Charter guests can enjoy a film while soaking in the tub, and then not miss a single scene while moving over to the sundeck wet bar for a refreshing cocktail.

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The 205-foot Icon motor yacht BATON ROUGE 
features an oversized sundeck hot tub that doubles as an endless pool with swimming jets for anyone wanting more than the regular water pressure. Overhead, cool-water jets shower guests in a light, refreshing mist.

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Another Benetti motor yacht, the 196ft yacht ANDREAS L
has a hot tub with submerged bar stools, for guests who prefer to enjoy their refreshments sitting upright as opposed to the common hot tub lounging position.

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Leave it to the Italians to redefine the modern style of the ondeck hot tub.  The owner of the 70 meter (230 ft) Rossi Navi motor yacht NUMPTIA turned to Design Studio Spadolini, of Florence to create a modern hot tub masterpiece.  The floor-level tub and endless-style pool is the centerpiece on the yacht’s sun deck, and features colored mood lighting, an infinity glass edge on one side, and two powerful waterfall-style showers dropping volumes of water into the pool. 

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Seen any other amazing hot tubs or onboard amenities on a yacht?  Contact SailAway Yacht Charters at h
ttp://, send us a photo, and we’ll share your images and comments with our readers.

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