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Tango and Crash – Collapsed Bridge Narrowly Misses Superyacht in Holland

Feadship TANGO narrowly escapes disaster in Netherlands as bridge collapses

Feadship yacht charter
enthusiasts can breath a collective sigh of relief as the newly launched motor yacht TANGO escaped disaster in the Netherlands last week.

Launched on the 8th of May, 2011, the 77 meter Feadship yacht TANGO was enroute from the yard on Kaag Island to Rotterdam for her sea trials, when the two tugs that were assisting her had to stop and wait for the bridge in Waddinxveen to open.

Moments before the superyacht was to pass underneath the bridge, part of the bridge collapsed, and debris rained down into the water from 30 meters above.
The vertical bridge was built in 1935 and stands 34 meters in height when drawn fully open. At the tine of the incident, the bridge was operating on emergency power after a power outage hit the city of Waddinxveen.
Local authorities say it is unclear why the bridge fell down.   

Hmmmm….maybe the fact that the bridge is SEVENTY-SIX years old might have something to do with it!!!

Let’s hope the channel can be cleared and Feadship motor yacht TANGO can continue her journey.  For now, the hopefully future Caribbean yacht charter vessel is stuck on the wrong side of the bridge…


Enjoy a vacation onboard what one charterer called the "Rolls Royce" of yachts – a Feadship.  The newest model open for charter is motor yacht AIR, available this summer in the Mediterranean.    

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