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Top Luxury Yacht Charter Chef Calls Cooking a "Way of Life"

gourmet chef on luxury yacht charter Geoffrey Fisher Nestle Toque d'or winner gourmand

Whether in the galley of a superyacht or the kitchen of a fine restaurant, Chef Geoffrey Fisher relishes the opportunity to blend creativity, talent and knowledge to transform everyday ingredients into stunning, delicious creations.

While the 35 year old Fisher, born in Manchester, England, is at the top of his profession, he continues to hone his skills.  "I push myself (sometimes) 16 hours a day,” says Fisher. “Being a chef is all about passion. If you don’t have it, don’t go there. It’s long, unsociable hours. It’s not a job; it’s a way of life. Being a chef, you learn something new every day, by working with other chefs, reading books, even watching cooking programs on TV."

His lessons in cuisine and hospitality began early in life, as Fisher washed dishes in his parents’ restaurant in Lancaster, England. He watched the chefs and thought, “I could do that!” His mom and dad recognized his talent and encouraged him to get a formal culinary education.

Fisher attended Lancaster & Morecambe College and took a three-year chef/catering course. He learned everything from general basics and waiting to theory and cooking. He won "best student chef" three years in a row and became runner-up in the national competition, Nestle Toque d’or. In between classes, Fisher worked for his parents in their restaurant.

By age 24, Fisher was head chef at the Swag and Tails, a restaurant in Knightsbridge where he stayed for nearly four years. “It was here I learned how to deal with people, order food, costing and the unpleasant duty of how to fire people,” he said.

Looking for a new adventure, Fisher decided to join a friend in Europe who was chef on the 47-meter M/Y Commitment, which happened to be on charter at the Monaco Grand Prix.  A week onboard and Fisher was hooked and started looking into a career in yachting.

With a little help from the chef onboard sail yacht TWIZZLE,  Fisher landed a job onboard motor yacht WHEELS, and quickly learned charter chefs must be flexible. “I make a point of having a chat with them (charter guests) as soon as possible when they arrive to find out not only what cuisine they like, but also what they don’t like, or if they have any allergies. Talking with the guests is important," says Fisher.

Fisher also learned the pressure of working on a yacht for hire can be intense.  "The pressure in restaurants is tense, but completely different on yachts. On yachts, it’s intense because you never stop cooking. When it’s not the guests, it’s the crew," states Fisher.

luxury yacht charter slipstream motor yacht commitment wheels gourmet chef geoffrey fisher

After his stint onboard M/Y WHEELS, Fisher joined the crew on motor yacht SLIPSTREAM, where he is still the executive chef.  As to his future plans, Fisher says, "In time I would like to own a small restaurant in Malta. In the kitchen, it’s said you’re only as good as your last service. In yachting, I always say, you’re only as good as your last charter.”


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