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Waterproof Your Phone Before Your Yacht Charter Vacation

It's amazing how many cellphones meet their demise during yachting holidays. Hardly a week goes by that a charter client doesn't report someone in their travel party dropped their phone in the water during their time at sea.
The cellphone industry reports more phones are irreparably damaged by exposure to water and moisture than from any other cause.
Thus, all of us who spend time on boats have a vested interest in waterproof phones.
Luxury yacht charter guests can waterproof their cellphones smartphones iphones for less than $70 before going on their yachting vacation
In the past, the only way to protect your phone during a luxury yacht charter vacation was to buy a bulky, clunky watertight case – which just about doubled the size of any hand-held device.
Fortunately two companies, HzO in Utah and Liquipel in California, have developed invisible coatings that can make your phone resistant to spills and dunks. 
Both companies use similar application processes to bond water-repelling nano-polymers to phones.  They place the phones inside a sealed chamber, suck the air out, and inject a gas. The gas vapor  includes a protective coating that settles on the phone and forms an invisible water barrier so thin it is just one thousandth the thickness of a human hair.
HzO claims their coating will protect a phone from being underwater for more than four hours…
Both companies offer coating protection for under $70 – a reasonable investment to consider before your next crewed catamaran yacht charter vacation!
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