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What SUP With Hot New Luxury Yacht Charter Toy?

The other day, our charter department was updating the list of online watertoys for newly launched Mediterranean yacht charter vessel QUARANTA.  The list of aquatoys sent to us by the yacht's manager detailed all of the usual toys – tender, snorkel gear, wakeboard, etc.   One item, however, caught my attention: SUP.

I fired off a text message to the manager that read, "David, whatz SUP?" 

A few moments later, I received his reply, "Not much…whatz up wit u??"  

Once I composed myself and stopped laughing, I sent him another text reading, "No seriously, what does SUP mean?"   

David replied, "Stand Up Paddleboard."

motor yacht charter caribbean stand up paddleboards sup sail boat charter
It seems stand up paddleboards, or SUP's are popping up on mega yacht charter vessels everywhere, and just might be the "In" watertoy for 2013. 

Stand up paddle boarding is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. Designed as a way for surfers to paddle longer distances, supporters cite the ease of learning how to use a SUP as a key to its popularity. 

"Unlike kiteboarding or windsurfing, novices can learn to use a SUP in as little as an hour of training,"  states Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters. "They are affordable toys that can easily be integrated into both sail boat charters and motor yacht charters." 

Expect to see more and more charter vessels adding SUP's to their onboard watertoy inventories…and next time that you hear the phrase, "whatz SUP," you'll know!


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