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What to Buy: Share of Facebook Stock or Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation?

Facebook fans everywhere are hoping to get in on the hotly anticipated public stock offering.  To do so, they’ll need a Facebook friend or two at a VERY high level…or a lot of Benjamins.
luxury yacht charter or facebook shares of stock ipo offering yachting or investingMost folks will have difficulty getting it at the offer price, currently expected to be in the $28 to $35 a share range.   Unless you know the power players at Facebook, you’ll probably need to have a large, active trading account with one of the big investment banks or brokerages directly involved in the stock sale.
For average people, this means waiting for the stock to begin trading after the initial offering, once it is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the ticker symbol “FB.” That’s likely to happen Friday.  However, it might be best to fight the impulse and a wait a bit longer, as doing it that way typically means paying much more for the stock. Heavy demand often skews the early stock price, leaving investors vulnerable to the risk of a big drop.
Our advice?  Be patient, and take the family on a quiet New England yacht charter vacation.  Spending a few days on a luxury sailing charter vessel or bareboat yacht is relaxing, and a  chance to remove yourself from the frenzy and impulsive urge to buy a stock purely on hype.  More importantly, it's a chance to spend quality time with your family and to snap some pictures and view some precious moments that will be with you for a lifetime…

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