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Why use a Pro Travel Agent to book a yacht charter?

The internet has made booking air fare and yacht charter vacations so simple that using travel agents to reserve anything trip-related seems pointless.  NOT SO!  Travel agents are very valuable to booking accurate travel, getting the best deals, and making sure that everything is "smooth sailing" and perfect for your trip.

You have questions.  We have answers!

Isn’t it more expensive to use a travel agent than to book travel myself?
Not necessarily.  Travel agents are paid commissions from the vendors of each travel segment (i.e., flight, yacht charter, bareboat vacation, trip cancellation insurance, etc), so there is no additional charge to you for their personal attention to your trip planning. 

Don’t some travel agents "mark up" the prices?
Yes, some charge a small fee for making arrangements for you (since some travel vendors, like airlines, have all but eliminated commissions for agents), but their personalized services to you are invaluable.  They know of and find great deals for you (they receive updated specials daily — specials that are not updated to travel websites), and they know the answers to many questions that you have about plane configurations, how to request particular room or location amenities, and how to make the vacation exactly the one that you wanted.  They know details about each trip segment that you might not know, and they remove all guesswork from your trip planning and scheduling.

Pro Travel Network and SailAway Yacht Charters customize your yacht charter vacation

My friends always use travel agents for trips. Is Pro Travel a good travel agency to use?
Absolutely!  The Pro Travel Network is one of the largest travel agencies in North America, with full-service offices in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  They provide services about every aspect of travel (from travel insurance to car service to renting private yachts for your motor yacht charter or sailing vacation).

The bottom line to using a professional Pro Travel Agent:  WHAT IS YOUR TIME WORTH?


Ready to plan your winter private luxury yacht charter vacation?  Contact us HERE and we’ll take care of it for you right away!

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